Pulse Report: Rick Ross' Maybach Music Hottie Finally Exposed, Swizz's Mega Powers Can't Beat The Feds, "Young Tampax" Keeps Winning

Friday, Jan 20, 2012 12:25PM

Written by Bulldog Butters

In this week's Pulse Report, doggies, we finally find out who's the new female voice that belongs to "Maybach Music", see why Swizz Beatz is public enemy number one, award Drake with Doggy of the Week honors and oh SOHH much more!

1. MMA (My My Awwww)

I got a new crush, doggies. LOL. Sorry Rosa Acosta, but upon finding out that the voice behind "Maybach Music" happens to be probably one of the most attractive women I've ever seen from Australia, I'm sprung. Nah, let me stop playing with all of y'all. I can't lie, for the longest I always thought that the "Maybach Music" line was some computer-generated soundbyte. To find out that Jessica Gomes is the luscious woman behind it? SMH. Of course once this became public knowledge, every doggy with a pulse went media-crazy and got their Q&A on with her. Sticking with two reliable sites, I decided to put y'all on to how we ended up getting this:

I've gotta give props to Global Grind first b/c I think they were the ones that jumped out and got the exclusive ASAP...

GlobalGrind: How are you Jessica, we recognize the voice.

Jessica Gomes: Yeah, from Maybach Music.

You're going to have to get used to that.

I just can't believe it, seriously, because I did it a long time ago. And I totally forgot about it.

When did you do it?

I did it back in 2007, 2008. I think it was 2008, though.

The first time people heard it was on "Maybach Music" with Jay-Z.

Right, Jay-Z and Rick Ross. It was at the beginning of the track. It was another girl talking and then she says, 'What is this?' and I say 'It's Maybach music' and then we both say 'I like this Maybach music.' And we both go 'Sweet.'

How did that come about?

We were just hanging out with friends in the studio and then it just happened. We got behind the mic, started talking and that was it, really. They decided to put it in their song and nothing came about.

But now everyone's using my part where I say "Maybach Music." Even A-Trak, who's a friend of mine, the DJ, asked 'Have you heard this song?' And I said 'No.'

I haven't been living in New York for the past year and a half. I've been living back in Australia, but now I'm living in L.A. It evolved into something really big. I didn't expect it to be like this. It was having fun and mucking around, really. I guess people just dig the Aussie accent.

When was the first time you heard it?

I heard the Rick Ross and Jay-Z song and I loved it. I thought it was great.

So how does one find herself in Rick Ross' studio?

(Laughs). Well, we were just all friends. I was friends of friends with Jay. We were all hanging out and they were just like, 'Wow, we love your accent. We love your voice. Why don't you say something and we'll record it.' That was seriously it.

Who else was in the studio?

Just a group of friends. A friend of Jay's and then I was a friend of Jay's friend. I don't know Rick Ross. We're not friends. I know of Jay. I've shot his Rocawear campaign before. But we're not down friends, at all. We're just acquaintances.

^ LOL. Rest those eyes, doggies, I know y'all need a quick breather:

Now that was pretty hot, but if y'all are like me, y'all want to know if Jessica is caking up from those records, right? I mean, doggy doesn't make the Forbes list and NOT cake up his peeps? Just ask Pill, right? LOL. XXL came through and kept it all the way gully.


Do you get paid for the intro? It is used quite often.

No, I don't get paid for it. I don't think I should be paid for it. It's not about the money for me. I was lucky enough at that time to do that. I'm a successful model that travels the world and is doing really well and it's very flattering that I got acknowledged by the hip-hop world.

How long have you been modeling?

I been modeling for over 10 years now in Perth, Western Australia, where I'm from and my mom put me in modeling school. My mom is Chinese and my dad is Portuguese. I started doing commercials. I started doing a TV series. I was taken on by a international agency and that's when I started traveling to Asia, Japan, Korea, places like that first. Then I moved to New York when I was 20 and joined IMG. They've been representing me for the past seven years. I've been a Sports Illustrated model, working with them for the past five years. I'm very happy. This is my life. I got a lot of photo shoots coming up.

^ SMH. Don't ask me why but for some reason I really thought "if" the "Maybach Music" was a real person, it'd be an English woman. Straight outta Great Britain or something, right? LOL. Either way, you can't deny the sexiness that comes with Jessica! LOL.

2. Mega Man

OMG. Sorry doggies, I always wanted to start off a post with "OH MY GOD (OMG)." LOL. Something about that expression is funny to me. Swizz Beatz, things seem to have only gotten tougher since marrying Alicia Keys, huh? I mean, doggy went from having a bad chick like Mashonda to having some bad luck. Well, I guess he got the whole "Reebok Back" thing popping but now facing charges for Megaupload.com? Oh wait, y'all didn't know? The web tool that's probably helped get horny teenagers the endless amount of premium porn, music and final exam screen shots is ran by......Swizzzzzzzy! I can't lie, even I had to read the headlines over a few times to believe it. Let's start from scratch:

After the starry promo appeared on YouTube last month, Diddy, Kanye and Will.i.am's label, Universal Music Group, issued a "take-down notice" to YouTube, saying the artists' performances were unauthorized. Their individual reps followed up, sources say. Mega-Upload fired back with a lawsuit against Universal to stop it from blocking distribution of the video. A Mega rep told us: "We have never received any word that any artist has [individually] filed a take-down . . . [we have] legally binding agreements with the performers that appear in the video . . . They promised that they had the rights to enter into that agreement and it's not interfering with any third-party rights." UMG and Diddy reps wouldn't comment. West's and Will.i.am's reps didn't get back to us. (New York Post)

I didn't really take this story serious until I saw this, doggies:

Swizz Beatz has a number of different hustles: record producer, rapper and shoe designer. It turns out the Bronx-born hitmaker is also the CEO of the file-sharing site Megaupload, which at the moment has drawn a bit of fire from Universal Music Group, the record company where Swizz was once signed. In an effort to raise the company's profile, Megaupload has been releasing video testimonials from big-name artists like Kanye West, Diddy, will.i.am and Swizz's wife, Alicia Keys, along with celebrities like Kim Kardashian. In the promotional videos, the big-name stars express their support of the site, which allows users to send large media files -- sometimes pirated materials such as entire movies and albums. (MTV)

^ Back in the day, I used to use Megaupload on the regular. I wouldn't send illegal stuff to doggies but I'd send all my latest/throwback records and send it as one big file. At least the site is still up.....oh wait, hold on, WHAT!?!?!?

Swizz BeatzBlogger

One day after the Internet blacked out in protest of two overreaching anti-piracy bill in Congress, authorities have shuttered Megaupload.com, one of the most popular file-sharing services on the web. The FBI moved against the company today, and made sure to claim that the seven people indicted for online piracy crimes had nothing to do with the furor this week over the Stop Online Piracy Act and its companion bill in the Senate, the Protect IP Act. The indictment was unsealed in northern Virginia today and four people are already in custody, having been arrested in New Zealand for crimes including conspiracy to commit racketeering and criminal copyright infringement. Bank records and server farms are being searched worldwide. The Justice Department charges Megaupload, which was once the world's 13th largest website, with "generating more than $175 million in criminal proceeds and causing more than half a billion dollars in harm to copyright owners." (New York Mag)

^ SMH. Things done changed, doggies. We're not even three weeks into 2012 and hip-hop is taking blows like this? What's next?! The friggin' government censoring websites? Oh wait....:

50 CentLegal Gavel

Sites like Wikipedia, Reddit and Oh No They Didn't have gone dark in protest. Other sites, such as Google, continue to run today, but have blacked out their logo in support of stopping SOPA. The bill goes to the Senate on January 24, though the Internet blackout seems to have already influenced some members of Congress -- PIPA co-sponsor Florida Sen. Marco Rubio pulled his name from the bill Wednesday, a day after SOPA co-sponsor Arizona Rep. Ben Quayle pulled his name. Senators from Utah and Missori also announced that they would no longer be supporting the bill. (Idolator)

^ SOPA!? PIPA?! HUH? I know whenever it comes to these little bills, there are advantages but I just can't co-sign any bill that suggests the Internet can get censored. Just think. What happened to Swizz Beatz is "without" the SOPA/PIPA bills in effect. Imagine how much damage can get done with them in store? Well, some doggies did.


"This a blow to the heart of the American people who have been able to put food on the table from the opportunities provided by web." (B.o.B.'s Twitter)
"Don't let the government take away our power to share art, music, creativity and individualism. #StopSOPA" (Kreayshawn's Twitter)
MC Hammer was one of the biggest draws at the San Francisco rally, and took the opportunity to speak as a musician who has also been part of the traditional media industry. "We don't want people who spend their days legislating trying to control creativity," he said. "I speak on behalf of a lot of artists ... who would like to be able to continue to utilize the valuable tools that the Internet has brought." (Wall Street Journal)

^ The Internet is watching, doggies. Only it's deeper than Chris Hansen. Watch out or do something about it.

3. Doggy of the Week: Drake

This week was close, doggies. Honestly. It really came down to either Drake or Lil Wayne and truth be told, Drake barely edged Wayne. It was that close. But we don't give props to runner-ups around here. Drake had the past seven days on lock. For starters, he's coming off of Miami by selling TWO, yeah, that's right, TWO spots. I mean, doggy, how far does your money really stretch? You're caking enough to own two separate spots out in the M.I.A.? SMH. Even though I clowned him for this, seeing Drake really rocking an Aaliyah tattoo.....nah, it's still corny and weird in my opinion. Speaking of tattoos, the allegations that Drake had some goon handle doggy that tatooed "DRAKE" on a chick's face? LOL!!!!!! That alone made Drake the top doggy by itself. LOL. What really had a doggy laughing was the fact that Lil Kim got busted dancing to his record in the club. LOL!!!!! YOU LOSE, KIM! And last but not least, doggy is still selling albums. Bow down doggies, Drake has earned "Doggy of the Week" honors.

1. I Got Places To Go, Doggies To See

DrakeKanye West (LA Home)

Drake is trying to unload 2 massive luxury beach condos he owns in Miami, TMZ has learned -- and you might recognize them ... because they're featured in the rapper's music video for "I'm on One." Drake put the properties up for sale last week -- located right nextdoor to each other in Miami's ritzy Marquis highrise -- listing one for $1.9 million and the other for $599,000. Drake combined the two into one MASSIVE condo, and lived in both simultaneously. The larger one is a sprawling 3,800 square feet with 3 bedrooms and 3.5 bathrooms. The "smaller" one-bedroom condo is still gigantic ... at 1,675 square feet.

^ I can't lie doggies, I knew Drake had paper but not THIS kind of paper! The fact he had a crib that cost about $2 million and another that's over $500,000 has me wondering just how much money is Young Money about these days. That's ridiculous! I know he's a star and everything, but that type of money is more than what basketball stars are messing around with. Guess those Sprite commercial residuals add up, huh? LOL.

2. Touch Me, Tease Me, Feel Me Doggies


Drake may have the flimsiest hand in Hip-Hop, yet the rapper keeps a firm grip as he flexes in this new gym shot. The Young Money superstar has been working up a sweat as he prepares to take his 'Club Paradise' tour on the road, sharing his progress with fans on picture platform, Instagram. Kudos on the svelte physique, but those tattoo's (Aaliyah one included). No.

^ LOL! EXACTLY. I don't know, doggies, I still feel funny about doggies getting tats of people they never met. I mean, I guess it's like doggies who get tats of Jesus Christ or Notorious B.I.G., right? Nahhhhhhhhhhh, not at all. LOL.

3. I'm Too Big To Punk You, Dog-gy

Drake (Rapper Obituaries)kevin-campbell-2011-12-23-300x300.jpg

On Jan. 11, during a Twitter exchange with a user named @Matt_Kaleta, Campbell was questioned about whether the war of words with Drake ever amounted to anything. Campbell responded, revealing that the Toronto-born MC allegedly showed up to the shop he is employed at but failed to actually show his face. "guess you could call it sorted out. When Drake was in LA last, he parked out front the shop and sent in his huge security dude [sic]," Campbell tweeted. Campbell then went on to interact with Twitter user @KingLACity, informing him that the 'Headlines' rhymer "sent in the troops" rather than addressing him directly. "yeah, he should have just let it go, I doubt anything would have come of what he said anyway. It just made him look silly IMO," the tattoo artist wrote.

^ LOL! This story is so bonkers that it might be true. I mean, we all remember how emo-tional Drake got about this doggy in that video. Maybe he was out there in Los Angeles and wanted to stir something up. NO offense, but it does sound like a Drake move sending out a goon or two to handle your dirty laundry. LOL. Then again, looking at this Kevin Campbell doggy, he looks like the type to just make some stuff up, so who knows?

4. Is That Your Chick, Doggy?

Is Lil' Kim moving past her beef with Young Money? The Brooklyn diva was seen dancing and mouthing the lyrics to Drake and Lil Wayne's collaboration "The Motto" (1:46 mark) while co-hosting a party with Trina in Tampa, Florida, on Friday night. The Queen Bee was the center of attention as she shook her booty to the song and performed her hits "Lighters Up" and "Magic Stick." She made a comment at the end, which is hard to decipher except for the words "b*tch a* ni**a." On second thought, a reconciliation may not be happening anytime soon.

^ END. OF. STORY. You can't grind, dance or even move to your enemy's record. I still remember Jim Jones saying that he's sure Jay-Z dances to "Ballin'" and admitted he gets down to Jay records in the club..................NAH. Not at all! LOL. Lil Kim played herself with this move and having the audacity to say some muffled up slick stuff at the end? LOL! Even her own fans aren't riding with her hardbody anymore.

5. I'm Moving Weight On These Doggies

DrakeDrake (Take Care)

Heading the pack this week is Drake's Take Care moving down two notches to No. 4 with 31,700 behind Black Keys' El Camino (36,300), David Crowder Band's Give Us Rest Or (50,500) and Adele's 21 (104,000). According to Nielsen SoundScan, Drake's sophomore effort has sold 1,320,600 units after nine weeks in stores.

^ Bottom line? Drake's album is killing any other doggies' records that's out. Bottom line. Nothing more, nothing less. The fact Drake can push units, sell condo units and do everything in-between is saying a lot.

4. Mrs. Butterworth: Vinese Ross

I'm single again, doggies. Yup, I'm just a doggy trying to get a nut. Or is it a squirrel trying to get a bone? LOL. If there's two times in the year to not have a Mrs. Butterworth caliber woman by your side, winter time is definitely one of them (the other being summertime. Summer Love. Get it? Duh!). Something about having a little sweet thing by your side keeps the heat bill low, winter nights cherishable and uh, yeah, those "other" fine qualities the oppose sex has to offer. LOL. As I continue to check "Single" on all of my social website maritial statuses, I want y'all doggies to embrace the booty, I mean beauty, that embodies the luscious Vinese Roossssssssssssss, or Vinese Ross for short. LOL.

Vinese Ross

Vinese Ross

Vinese RossVinese Ross

And if that wasn't enough to make even me put down the X-Box 360 controller, get a fresh cut and attempt to find club love, then this will:

^ That settles it. I'm getting a Southern little pretty thing tonight!

5. "STFU" Honors

SMH. Why do doggies keep doing it to themselves? I mean, it's one thing to say something jokingly but when you put on a straight face and try to really sell something off as believable? LOL. Nahhhhh, it ain't happening in here. Bulldog Butters is going to write up a citation. LOL. Looks like Russell Simmons is getting some under-the-table paper because putting Lil Wayne's Trukfit clothing line up there with the Rocawear and Sean John brands? LOL! Stop it doggy. Skateboarding t-shirts do not match what those two lines did. Next up? Lil Boosie. Doggy, how are you going to pen an open letter from the pen (pun intended) and promote another doggy's album while you're facing life behind bars? Huh!? Then it's LL Cool J. It's sad b/c since that Exit 13 album dropped, he can't seem to wag his finger at the rap game. Radio is just fine. We'll leave it at that. Heather Cox, I would probably feature your niece in Mrs. Butterworth but hearing you recite some rap bars? LOL!!! Last but not least is Shyne's unreleased "Outro" bars. How are you pushing guns AND the Bible, doggy? LOL!!!!! In case y'all haven't realized it yet, it's time for "SHUT THE F*CK UP" HONORS!

1. Russell Simmons

"It's just that the young men's brands that had culture in them have grown up and all these young men's brands have a shelf life," Simmons said in a video. "So all of them, Sean John's, Rocawear's and Phat Farms, those things have a certain cultural space and a lot of young people have grown out of it. A lot of young people have new inspirations and they need something cultural that speaks to them. I think what Lil Wayne does speaks to the next generation and I think there's a big, giant white space. ... The billions of dollars in young men's brands, a lot of those people are buying Ralph [Lauren] now or they're buying men's brands and there's no new inspiration. So I came to see what Lil Wayne was doing. He's hitting the nail right on the head. It's exactly what they need. The young people need something from their generation that's inspiring, speaks their language and that's what this brand does."

2. Lil Boosie

lil-boosie-jail-2011-05-09-300x300.jpgYoung Jeezy (TM 103: Hustler's Ambition)

"First, I want to than you all of you for supporting me through these hard time. Last month I was sentence to 8 years with credit for time served so i will have to do 19 months on that sentence. I go to trial for this murder charge in April so please keep me in your prayers. To all my fans who write me through J-Pay make sure you put your address so I can respond. Its hard to write every body back but I will try my best to do so. I would also like my all my fans to support Young Jeezy new album TM 103 hes a real n*gga with a big heart. I want to thank Plies, Yo Gotti, Marcus Spears, Jout Dallas, Earl Wayne and Jamarcus Russell for keeping it real with me and Pacman also. My daughter Iviona album will be coming soon so be on the lookout for it. Its HOTT!!!"

3. LL Cool J

"The biggest problem to me in music right now is radio," LL said in an interview. "I think that radio has gotten to the point where, you know, you hear the same thing over and over again, so much because you have a group of people controlling it, no disrespect, they're doing their jobs, but you have a certain group of people that are controlling the airplay to the point where it makes you want to throw up. It's crazy, the airplay situation. There used to be a time, and this is a good thing, where you would hear different kinds of music and different genres of music playing back-to-back. But what has happened is, now they've gotten to the point where the only audience they can hold on to is 14 and younger because everybody else is online, grabbing their music, creating their playlists, listening to what they want to work out to because the radio drives them crazy. I think at some point, some radio station some where is going to have to say, 'You know what? It's time for us to program a little differently and trust that the music's great.'"

4. Heather Cox

"Thought I wouldn't make it, now I'm winning, Timothy Tebow," she recites, "Fourth quarter I'm back/Fourth quarter, in fact/Fourth quarter, that's that." Cox went on to say, "I can honestly say I never thought I'd be reciting rap lyrics during a game."

5. Shyne

Get More: Music News

"It's that Shyne, Wayne, Carter," the rapper spits, "This ain't what you callin' average/This is what you call is savage, dope boy, born for trappin'/private planes with all the trappings/Real life, far from rapping/Screw soprano, this what I know/Can bang 'em but I rock and roll like I'm Bono -- I ain't no role model, from the Southside of Chicago selling dope right out the bottle and we'll spend it all today because we might not see tomorrow/I ain't proud of what I'm saying, I'm just fighting for survival with a bullet and a bible I will pull up right beside you/Put some bullets in your side..."

***It's Friday doggies and I don't know about y'all but not having some football to watch on Saturday kinda sucks. LOL. But AFC/NFC Championship game predictions to the side, what's up with them KNICKS!? Can Melo and Stat finally come together and body the game? Miami and those Bulls are looking sick. Bottom line? If the Knicks lose their fifth in a row to the Bucks tonight, y'all might be seeing one of them doggies in Cap Diss. Word to the mother. LOL. Other than that, enjoy the weekend doggies and start putting together your Super Bowl $$$ b/c it's gonna be a wild one next month! See y'all on Tuesday! --BB***

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