News: Blu Gets Confronted By Red-Hot Fan On-Stage, "You Ain't Ripping It Right On Some Real Sh*t" [Video]

Saturday, Jan 28, 2012 10:32PM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

West Coast rapper Blu recently experienced the consequence of not living up to fans' expectations as new footage has emerged online showing him getting confronted over a lackluster live performance.

Footage of Blu's confrontation began buzzing across the Internet Saturday (January 28).

If you have been following Los Angeles rapper-producer Blu these past few years, you have no doubt run into some negative comments about his live performances. You have also probably heard that he's flaked on some shows, too. But in the case of this post, we're sticking to a concert he actually showed up to sometime recently. And as you'll see when you watch the footage below, things got pretty awkward when a fan jumped onstage to confront Blu for "not ripping it." Exile quickly comes to his rapper buddy's aid and, eventually, the fan is taken off the stage by security. (Prefix Mag)

The person responsible for posting the footage also gave a written commentary on what went down.

"While I don't agree with the fan jumping on stage, I think the dude was right with Blu putting on a weak show. He was wasted, forgetting his lines, mumbling, and literally leaning on the mic stand for balance in the corner the entire show. Such a shame when the dude is obviously so talented, getting that trashed where he can't put on a decent show. Let's hope he gets his thing together...," YouTube user JungleMegalah wrote January 26th. (YouTube)

As seen in Blu's case, West Coast rap veteran WC recently told SOHH about the dangers fans can encounter from bum-rushing a stage.

"All I can tell fans is don't run up," WC laughingly added when asked what advice he has for concertgoers looking to bumrush the stage. "Don't run up. Use precautions and don't run up. You can say what's up and ask for a pound or handshake, autograph or picture but don't run up on a n*gga. That ain't cool" (SOHH)

Earlier this month, footage of Yelawolf getting attacked by a hip-hop fan hit the Internet.

The fan actually succeeded at knocking Yelawolf down, but as soon as Yela gained his composure, he came out swinging. He served up the douchebag a few right hooks right before security whisked the man off stage! If he was trying to hurt Yelawolf, it back fired tremendously. All the action kicks off at :45 in the video. Check out Yelawolf go Floyd Mayweather on his fan. (Global Grind)

Check out Blu's incident below:

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