News: Birdman Flies High W/ 'Life' Story, "I Could Say It's One Of My Best Projects"

Saturday, Jan 28, 2012 10:05PM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

Cash Money Records' Birdman recently updated fans on the status of his forthcoming Bigger Than Life solo album and described his quality of music as growing better with time.

Despite having over five solo and joint albums to his name, Birdman promised Bigger Than Life is his best work yet.

"I could say it's one of my best projects," Birdman said in an interview. "We always say that but I mean you're supposed to always get better with time. We got so much growth, experience, and we're surrounded by great, young talent. They make it so easy for me to do music and I'm still enjoying it. I don't love nothing more in life--outside of God and my family--than working with this music and [turning] these youngsters into superstars." (Complex)

A couple years ago, the rapper-turned-executive revealed plans to drop the LP in early 2011.

"[Drake and Wayne's album] is very possible. Because Wayne works a lot and Drake is out there with us too. They're gonna do a lot of recording together so I don't see why not. And I have a solo album coming out at the top of the year called Bigger Than Life. Then we have a Father Like Son album that we'll drop around Father's Day. But I'm more into them. I want to see our artists be as successful as possible. They're young. The bigger they are, the bigger we are. That's my whole motivation now." (VIBE)

Outside of music-making, he has kept busy by recently inking rap veterans Mystikal and Busta Rhymes to Cash Money.

"It's real fortunate to be able to have a 20-year career run and partner up with the most powerful record company in the business 20 years later," Busta told MTV News from the set of his Hype Williams-directed "Why Stop Now" video. "They understand. They know how to nurture the music, they know how to let artists be artists, they know how to let you reach your fullest capability creatively," Busta said of Cash Money. (MTV)

Although Cash Money's roster continues to expand, Birdman recently nixed talk of rappers Young Buck and Lil B signing to his label.

"Both of them is two of the little homies I have the utmost respect for," he said. " I don't know Lil B's situation. I don't know Buck's situation. I'm friends to both of them. If the opportunity ever came, I would love to work with both of them. I know Buck is in a situation. I really don't know Lil B's situation, he's real cool with my son [Lil] Wayne. I got love and respect for both of them, but they never came across the menu ye -- I spoke with Buck a few times, he's been a friend of the family. B is a friend of the family. But it ain't came to none of that. Not to this point. We like to be new, young. My son [Wayne] does the newer acts [on Young Money]. On our side [Cash Money] it be more veteran." (RapFix)

Bigger Than Life is expected to drop later this year.

Check out some recent Birdman footage below:

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