5 Reasons Why You Should Buy...: Angel Brinks Fashion: "Jennifer Lopez, Rihanna & Nicki Minaj Wears Leggings All The Time"

Tuesday, Jan 24, 2012 12:00PM

Written by SOHH for Angel Brinks

[With video vixen Amber Rose to hip-hop ladies like Nicki Minaj and Trina taking leggings to the next level, Angel Brinks Fashion creator Angel Brinks gives you 5 Reasons to support her eye-catching line.]

1. I'm Too Sexy For My...

Reason number one is because they're sexy and they're hot. Right now we just put out the backless versions and it shows off your back. A lot of women who have that S-shape, you're able to show your sexy back and your curves as well because it's tight-fitted. The material is dipped in glitter so whenever you bend or turn, you're shining everywhere you go. You're sexy.

2. Customer's Always Right

These are customed to fit you so they show off your best assets. When I say they're custom made, you have a lot of girls who say, "Hey, I can't fit into this because of my size." With my company, that's what you're paying for. You're getting a free custom make and lifetime observations on it. So if it takes ten times to get it right, not that it ever does, we offer that for free. We've had a lot of guys purchase these for the girls. We actually have more body suits than leggings right now because that's what people have been wanting more. These are not your typical leggings. These are leggings taken to a whole different level. They've got patches on them, fur on them, fishnets on them and all specially designed. If you go to my online store, you can pick any one of those for your girl and I guarantee she will be very happy with it.

3. Get Up, Get Up, Get Down

The third reason is because you can dress them down or you can dress them up. You can wear these with a tank top or you could throw on a jacket. They are fine as they are. With dresses, they're dresses. You can't throw a jacket over it because then you're covering it. With a body suit or with the leggings, you can accessorize with it and add to how cute it is. You can make it look down and throw some sneakers with them like Amber Rose does when she wears a hoody body suit. Or you can throw on some heels or boots with it. I'm telling you, these are really nice.

4. Mars Loves Venus

The next reason is because men love leggings and seeing women in tight fitting clothes. Men love them because they're so tight-fitted. It shows women's curves, thighs and really sticks to your body. Whereas with a dress, you see the legs. I think with men, they kind of like what they can't have or they like to be teased. If they see something on the legs or a woman's body in general, you kind of want to see what's underneath it. It kind of keeps you in a tease state of mind. I got a lot of hits from guys all the time saying, "Wow, you're amazing." I've gotten messages from people with verified accounts on Twitter telling me how much they would love to see their women in body suits and leggings.

5. You Like My Style

My final reason is because this is what's in style right now. It's what's in. I don't see leggings or body suits ever dying out. I see dresses have been popular for quite some time and really there's not too many people doing leggings or body suits. The ones that you're seeing wearing them are Jennifer Lopez at the awards shows. Jennifer Lopez, Rihanna wears them in her videos and Nicki Minaj wears leggings all the time. I think what happens is a lot of the fans love it and wonder where they can get it themselves. Sometimes you can't find them hardly anywhere. Some stores sell a few pieces and they are very casual. But if you want to look like a star or the celebrities that you see wearing them and you want something that is flashy and hot, Angel Brinks is where you want to go. You want someone who specializes in leggings and body suits. You don't want to go somewhere where they only make them here and there. If you want leggings and body suits customized your way, then what better way than to shop at Angel Brinks?

You Decide. Will you purchase Angel Brinks Fashion?

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