5 Reasons Why You Should Buy...: "An XL Life": "There's A Story That Tells You About The Night Before I Got Into Radio, I Was In F*cking Jail"

Tuesday, Jan 3, 2012 12:15PM

Written by SOHH for Big Boy

[After renowned radio host Big Boy raised eyebrows on last night's "T.I. & Tiny" episode, the formerly plump entertainment personality gives you his Top 5 reasons to buy his new book, An XL Life: Staying Big at Half the Size.]

1. Triumph

Reason number one is because this is a book that really is about triumph. It's not a book about gastric bypass, it's not just about reading my story. It's one of those books you can kind of pick up for someone that might not be fighting through obsesity but is having some trouble in their household and had people who didn't believe in them and going through obstacles. This is really just a book about a person that went through being homeless, battling obsesity, my father not being around but still having all of that great love from my family and grabbing what was positive while leaving what was negative on the table. It's about me living my dream.


I would say you should get the book because no matter what you've heard, "Oh, Big Boy lost all of this weight," I think you'll see that if you spent your money on this, just looking at the pictures is worth it. For the simple fact that even if you don't know me, I've never released these pictures that I have in this book. Big Boy is someone who has been on TV and on billboards, but you've never seen my eighth grade ID. It's f*cking embarassing. You've never seen my high school senior picture where I'm wearing black and I still look f*cking humungous. If you can read, cool. If you're illiterate, you'll still enjoy that book.

3. Moment For Life

The third reason is because what I do in radio and what I do in life, you get a chance to see all of that. You're going to see it from Big Boy's eyes, but I'm a fan first. Think about anyone that you wanted to meet in your life and you get the chance to meet them. I purchased tickets to go see Ice Cube in concert and now I have Ice Cube in my phone. It's just really identifying with that dream once again. You get a chance to see how I got into radio. There's a story that tells you about the night before I go into radio, I was actually in f*cking jail. I would have missed that phone call if my brother didn't come and bail me out in the morning, probably four hours later I got a call from someone out of the blue that asked me if I wanted to do radio. I had never did radio in my life. So you're going to see the freak stories of what went on in my life.

4. Mr. & Mrs. Me Too

The number four reason why you should get my book is because a lot of people can find similarities with this story. There are some differences and we embrace them but you have to really look at those similarities, too. When I say similarities, I'm talking about if there's someone who didn't see their dad around them, they can read that story. If there's someone who felt like there wasn't any opportunities out there for them, then there's those similarities. If there's somebody that felt like society was shutting them down, you're going to see those similarities in the book.

5. Finally Famous

The final reason I would say to go out and buy this book because I don't know what a best seller is supposed to sell, but if I don't sell books, I'm going to go in a downward spiral. I need it for the mortgage, food and electricity. I don't want to be the guy that walks around and have people say, "Hey man, no one bought your book." I don't want to walk in a store with a hundred copies still on the shelf. So for low self-esteem points, I want you to go and pick up that book.

You Decide. Will you purchase An XL Life: Staying Big at Half the Size?

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