5 Reasons Why You Should Buy...: Amongst Friends: "We Really Try To Create Classic Apparel People Can Wear For Years To Come"

Friday, Jan 27, 2012 12:00PM

Written by SOHH for Mikol Stambaugh

[With Amongst Friends clothing getting co-signs from rap veterans like Bun B, creative director/president Mikol Stambaugh gives you 5 reasons this brand is a must-have.]

1. The Price Is Right

I think one of the main reasons that you should be interested in buying Amongst Friends is because of the design ecstatic versus quality versus price point that we offer customers. What we really try to do is design trends, use the best fabrics and materials we can possibly get, work with all eco-friendly factories in Asia. If you put all of those things together and see what price we're offering in the market, we really think people are able to buy quality products at a reallly fair price.

2. We Gotcha

We really stand behind our products. If there is ever any issues you have, and anyone who has purchased from us already know this, call us up or e-mail us and we're quick to follow-up. If you ever have a button that's acting up, we'll take care of you. If you're having any issues with your footwear, we'll send you a new pair of boots. We really try to push our customer service and stand behind our products.

3. It's A Party, It's A Party

We offer so many different types of products from every category when it comes to footwear to denim to outerwear to woven mitts. I really think we have something for everybody. We're really going after the guy who really appreciates style and is a bit more fashion-savvy than the regular dude. It tends to be the dude that's a little bit older and into streetwear but has a little bit of fine taste. I think we do that really well and we relate to that consumer really well.

4. No "I" In Team

I'm way too humble to say people should buy Amongst Friends because I have anything to do with it. I have an amazing team behind me that helps me do everything. I'm the creative director and president of the company but we have a great design staff, administration, sales team and distribution center. Without them, I wouldn't be anything. So I would say a big reason is because we have a great team and we do push and stand behind our name, Amongst Friends. We operate our company amongst friends and hope that people who buy our stuff really feel that way and comfortable when they buy it. We hope it makes them feel really confident.

5. The Time Is Now

Reason number five is because although we create pieces for people to stand out, we really think that when people buy Amongst Friends, they're buying something that's timeless. When you buy something from us, next year it won't be out of style. You're not going to feel like the big gorilla in the room wearing a coat saying, "Oh wow, I can't wear this again because it's too loud, it's too crazy." We really try to create classic apparel people can wear for years to come.

You Decide. Will you purchase Amongst Friends?

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