News: Amber Rose Says She Can Spit Hot Fire, "I Definitely Rap"

Sunday, Jan 29, 2012 9:14AM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

Video vixen-turned-singer Amber Rose is fully exploring music options after recently dropping her new "Fame" single and said fans should not be shocked to hear her rapping on wax one day.

Along with revealing her rapping skills, Rose also named a few wishlist hip-hop collaborations.

"Yeah. I definitely rap and I sing and my music is fun," she explained in an interview. "It's all dance music. I have an inspirational song that's really dope. I have some records that are just plain fun, like you just want to party, jump around and go crazy to. ... I would really, really love to do a song with Pitbull and LMFAO. They're probably like my two favorites. I've always loved Timbaland as well." (VIBE)

A few weeks ago, Rose premiered her new Wiz Khalifa-assisted "Fame" record.

Are you ready for the fame?! Amber Rose released her first musical debut "Fame," on and we have to let it be known, we like it! It's not easy to make the transition from being known as a rapper's beautiful arm piece to a singer, but we like what Amber's bringing to the table. Amber's song kicks off with a funny skit about her song being "terrible," but of course it isn't. Amber sings, "scrutinize, being blind, sliding by all the lights, the question wasn't made up, like these rumors wasn't made up." Wiz Khalifa comes through to support his wifey rapping, "And you made this year coming up/and they hated/fly first class, so they can get mad." (Global Grind)

Over the fall, she gave SOHH the scoop on her love for music-making.

"Oh yeah man, I'm in the studio every single night," Rose told SOHH. "Like, I do not sleep. [laughs] I'm really, really, grinding. I'm really in the studio. The music that I make is fun, it's dancemusic, it's club, just super fun music that gets you in a great mood and makes you happy. So I'm all about music and this is my time to really, really come out and hopefully make people happy when they listen to it." (SOHH)

Recently, the blonde bombshell credited Khalifa for helping her quit smoking to focus on music.

"I showed Wiz some things I'd written down and he really encouraged me to pursue it," she admits almost shyly. "I'm taking this really seriously - I even quit smoking just so I could improve my voice." Her features tighten momentarily then relax with a careless shrug. "I already know when the first single drops the haters will have their own opinions, but my fans (almost 900,000 strong on Twitter who she refers to as her "rosebuds" and "rosestuds") will be there for me." (Style Caster)

Check out some recent Wiz Khalifa and Amber Rose footage below:

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