News: Alley Boy Clarifies Speculated T.I. & Young Jeezy Disses [Video]

Saturday, Jan 28, 2012 10:57PM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

Atlanta rap newcomer Alley Boy has stepped forward to provide clarification on driving the Internet nuts this week with a speculated diss record aimed at fellow hometown rap stars T.I. and Young Jeezy.

According to Alley Boy, "I Want In" is not riddled with subliminal shots aimed at the "King of the South" or Thug Motivation 103 rapper.

"I did the 'We Want In' record,' a lot of folks say its a shot at a ni**a man, but I don't take shots man, when I take shots at a ni**a they gon' be bleedin,'" Alley Boy said in an interview. "But at the end of the day, I say respect the way I feel about sh*t. I feel like f**k a ni**a, it's my city, know what I'm saying? ... Ain't no bullsh*t in it, once I peep a ni**a character and I feel the ni**a aint real, I just go in on a ni**a, I dont give a f**k, its whatever, ni**as know what it is around the A." (All Hip Hop)

Speculation on Alley Boy's rhymes representing subliminal disses over specific references from the song followed its release this week.

"All that street sh*t? It's over, game over/I'm the new king of the streets, no motivation, game over," Alley raps, easily able to be presumed as disses toward T.I.'s nickname and Jeezy's Thug Motivation album series. "F**k that snow sh*t/This hot sh*t/ In the A-town/This my sh*t." ("I Want In")

Known for having a close-knit bond, Jeezy and Tip recently hinted at plans to drop a collaborative effort in the future.

"Jeezy and I, we have discussed doing a collaborative album. Right now, we're both focused on putting Atlanta back on top where we once knew it to be," T.I. explained. "In my absence, I've seen the city take a backseat, if you will, to other areas and other regions. I'm not trying to sleight nobody's efforts or nobody's contributions to the game, but I know what my city represents and I know what my city's capable of. And if I feel like we're not living up to our full potential, I'm going to gather all the cats who I know who supposed to ride for the town like I ride and we gon' get it back right. So that's what we focused on right now. After we do that, then we can focus on anything else. But first is first." (Los Angeles Leakers)

In October, Jeezy dished out details on a possible joint LP alongside Tip.

Although both Atlanta rappers have had hectic schedules this fall, Jeezy said that he and T.I. may someday release a joint album, a la "Watch The Throne." "Me and Tip actually were together and we [talked] about it," he said. "We've just hit the ground running and been doing so many records that I don't think it's impossible. And we've known each other [long] enough to put something like that together, and I definitely think that the city would need it, because it would be a good look. And it would be an amazing album release party, by the way." (Billboard)

Check out Alley Boy's interview below:

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