SOHH Whatcha Think: Popular DJ Takes Shot At Lil Wayne, Alicia Keys + Pill Denies Ever Being On Maybach Music?!?

Tuesday, Jan 3, 2012 11:06PM

Written by By Jeezis Peace a.k.a I'm On Maybach Music

Follow me as I try to make sense of this mind*ck these series of unfortunate events.

1. Rick Ross presents his Maybach Music squad: Wale, Meek Mill, and Pill on Self Made.


Where did Mr. Ross meet his new friends, the members of Maybach Music Group? It's 2011: he met them on the Internet. Well, maybe that's not where he met them, but it's where they're from, more or less, where they've achieved their greatest notoriety outside their hometowns. The new crew members -- Pill, Meek Mill, Wale, among others -- with heavy presences on hip-hop blogs, exemplify the modern way of getting attention.(NY Times)

2. Pill denies rumors he had been dropped from Maybach Music Group.


Rumors have been swirling that Pill was no longer part of Maybach Much Group, but the Southern rapper assures that the rumors are just that. During an interview with The BoomBox, Pill said that he's still a part of MMG and that people have simply drawn their own conclusions. "I'm not sure how they started actually," he said. "I noticed it when people started f---ing with me on Twitter, but I don't know the source of it. I mean, it is what it is. It's mostly Twitter -- people that follow me or don't follow me that hate on me daily, and wanna start s---."(Hip Hop DX)

3. Pill later denies rumors that he was ever part of Maybach Music Group. Wait. What the f*ck?!


"I never signed any paperwork with Ross. It was just my deal was over at Warner already," Pill revealed to MTV News Tuesday. According to the "Trap Goin' Ham" MC, he was signed to Asylum/Warner Bros. Records at the end of 2009, a year before Ross brought his MMG label over to Warner Music Group. Pill says he is unaware of any conversations that Warner and Ross ever had concerning his career, but started receiving calls from Rozay around this time last year. The calls turned into collaborations -- many of which ended up on Self Made Vol. 1, Ross' MMG label compilation album. It was alluded that Pill was officially a part of Rozay's roster, along with Wale, Meek Mill and a host of other artists, but that wasn't the case, the rapper says.(MTV)

SOHH Watcha Think -- Are the other MMG members a legitimate part of the fam??

In other news, we all know Kanye and Lil Wayne tried their hand at DJing this past New Year's Eve. What should have been a controversy-free event took an odd turn after Spinderella (DJ for Salt-N-Peppa) took some time out of her day to hop on Twitter and accuse Weezy and Alicia Keys (who DJs a bit) of not respecting the DJ culture:

While the fans seem to enjoy people like Alicia Keys (aka DJ AK-47), Kanye West (aka DJ Yeezy World Peace) and Lil Wayne hitting the turntables, others don't find it as amusing. Longtime DJ Spinderella took to her Twitter account to vent her frustrations about these artists turned DJ's. "First, Dj AK-47 (Alicia Keys) and now Dj wih wih wiggety Wayne? WTH who's next??" she started off asking. "record sales down .. become a Dj ? FOH"(Funkmaster Flex)

That was just a small bit of her nearly 20-tweet long rant, but watcha think? Can rappers have fun on the ones-and-twos or is it it strictly for the professionals?

[Editor's Note: The views expressed in this column do not necessarily reflect those of SOHH]

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