News: Young Jeezy Says He Helped 'Put On' President Obama But "The Hand Wasn't Extended" [Video]

Wednesday, Dec 7, 2011 11:37AM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

With President Barack Obama gearing up for next year's presidential election, Atlanta rapper Young Jeezy admits he feels the head of state has yet to acknowledge his 2008 "My President Is Black" campaign.

Reflecting on the song's criticism from FOX personalities like Bill O'Reilly and Dennis Miller, Jeezy said he still wonders why President Obama never invited him to the White House.

"I did felt a little played because I made the song to uplift what was going on and Dennis Miller and Bill O'Reilly, I felt kind of disrespected because everybody has a right to have an opinion but I felt like they tried to play me out like I was just some type of n*gga," Jeezy explained in an interview. "I was bigger than that, I 'am' bigger than that. You couldn't get them to go anywhere and 20,000 people recite every word they say. Nobody gives a f*ck what Dennis Miller says. I actually liked his show by the way, but I don't watch it anymore. You know what I mean? And the whole thing with Obama, I've seen the Lady Gagas and everybody come to the White House and I sit back and I say, 'D*mn, I really put in a lot of work. I really took the time out of what I was doing to really be down with the movement.' I just felt like the hand wasn't extended." (The Life Files)

In January 2009, Jay-Z and Young Jeezy performed the "My President Is Black" remix in Washington, D.C.

"I wanna thank two people," Jeezy told the crowd. "I wanna thank the motherf*ckers overseas that threw two shoes at George Bush. And I want to thank -- the motherf*ckers who helped them move their sh*t up out of the White House. Keep it moving b*tch because my president is motherf*cking black."

"I never thought I'd say this sh*t, but baby I'm good," Jay began to rap. "You can keep your p*ssy. I don't want no more Bush. No more war, no more Iraq. No more white lies, my president is black." (Please Don't Stare)

Their remarks were later ridiculed by Bill O'Reilly and Dennis Miller.

"Now Jay-Z should know better," O'Reilly said. "I don't know much about Young Jeezy, it is possible he will appear on "The Factor" soon.

"I don't give a flying bleep what these two guys think," Miller said. "I thought it was a beautiful day yesterday. If they couldn't ratchet down the hate for a day, then that's their problem not mine. And by the way, you're looking at an obsolete model there because if the dinosaurs were done in by the asteroids, role models in the black community like that are about to be done in by a shooting star named Barack Obama." ("The O'Reilly Factor")

Recently, Atlanta's DJ Drama told SOHH he believes President Obama will be elected for a second term next year.

"Oh, nah, never that, you know what I'm saying," Drama told SOHH when asked if he would retire the alias "Barack O'Drama" if President Obama does not win. "He has my support and I'm not going to say when he doesn't win because he's gonna win and we're going to keep the legacy going." (SOHH)

Check out Young Jeezy's interview below:

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