SOHH Whatcha Think: Which Slaughterhouse Member Murdered This Freestyle + Is Nicki Minaj Dissing Lil' Kim Again?!? [Click Here & Speak]

Wednesday, Dec 21, 2011 1:00AM

Written by Jeezis Peace

In 2011, rap beefs became the new mixtapes. Ever noticed no-so-confrontational rappers get all froggy when there album is about to be released? Yeah. Me too. Nicki Minaj has a new track out (her sophomore album is slated to drop early next year) and lo and behold -- the song contains a few bars that seem to be directed at her one time foe, Lil' Kim.

The track, titled "Stupid Hoe," isn't "Ether" by any extent, in fact, she never mentions Kim by name, but hey -- we live in a generation of passive-aggressive rap where artists prefer to leave clues and dance around the beef [pause].

Here's a question: Why the hell would Nicki Minaj continue to feud with Lil Kim? Wouldn't that be like Kevin Durant publicly challenging Juwan Howard to a game of one-on-one? Not only is Nicki Minaj already wayyyyyy more popular and relevant than Lil Kim ever was, but Lil Kim hasn't been the slightest bit popular or relevant in nearly a decade. There is absolutely nothing to be gained for Nicki by continuing to throw shots at Kim besides looking silly, and maybe getting a chuckle or two out of watching Kim eagerly rise to the bait--as she inevitably will, whether it turns out "Stupid Hoe" is actually a Kim dis or not.(Pop Dust)

Of all the silly rap wars that've taken place this year, reviving a half-hearted war with a 90's female MC may be the most yawn-worthy. SOHH you think Nicki's aiming at Kim?

So yeah, some people are saying that Nicki's latest Roman-voiced track "Stupid Hoe" may be a Lil Kim dis. And maybe it is, though as with the recent Jay/Weezy and Luda/Sean feuds, we would have absolutely no clue from the limited context provided in the lyrics. The "bitch talkin' she the queen when she looking like lab rat" seems to be the primary source of evidence that the dis is Kim-aimed, since LK used to call herself the Queen (which no other female of self-importance has ever done, natch) and since the two certainly have shared ill will in the past.(Pop Dust)


It's always dope to hear the Slaughterhouse crew rapping over classic beats. These cats brought their A-game to the Funk Flex show recently and I can't call it, so who do you guys think went the hardest?

Can't wait for the next album. Trill talk.

Almost forgot. For you epic-adventure thugs that like wizards and magic and Middle Earth and sh*t, there's a new Lord of The Rings movie coming out next year, actually, it's the prequel to the trilogy, titled, The Hobbit. Check out the official trailer below:

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