Singled Out: "We Put The Beat Together & Stole The Sample From Fox's Football Intro"

Tuesday, Dec 6, 2011 12:05AM

Written by SOHH for Slim Thug

[SOHH highlights a hot single each week and offers a unique look at the record. After New Jersey MC Hasan Salaam explained the power of music via his "Musical Chairs" track last week, Texas rapper Slim Thug puts on for his city with the new "Houston" anthem.]

For Singled Out, I want to focus on my new song called "Houston" because it's pretty interesting. The way it came together is I'm at the club, [drinking] Belvedere, and I see [NFL Texans players] Arian Foster and Jacoby Jones and they're like, they have rap songs. So I said, "Bet, let's do a song together."

I go to the studio the next day and come up with a song for the Texans. We put the beat together and stole the sample from Fox's football intro [music] when the game comes on. We threw it on the beat and I put Paul Wall and Chamillionaire on it.

Me, Paul Wall and Chamillionaire have all been partners since back in the day. We ain't never fall out with one another and we ain't even got to talk for six months or a year and it's still going to be the same sh*t when we see each other. We're all partners.

I almost forgot. The producers on the record are Gaven Luckett, who happens to be [R&B singer] Letoya Luckett's little brother and B Don. They're the ones who produced the record. It wasn't hard at all getting this together.

As a matter of fact, me and Paul Wall were just at the studio because we had done a song the week before. Every week I drop a song on "Thug Thursdays" and so Paul Wall was like, "Hey man, I want to do some sh*t like that, too." He was like, "I want to do 'Paul Wall Wednesdays,'" and I was like, "All right, bet."

So I supported him on his first week and he came through and supported me on my sh*t too. After we did "Houston," we made sure to hit up Chamillionaire just to make it real, real good. When I do these records, if I dropped it Thursday, I usually did it Wednesday night or f*cking Tuesday night. Early.

We're still waiting for a verse, and then we're going to get the whole city on it for the remix. That's a dope song and everyone needs to check it out.

At age 17, Slim Thug performed freestyle raps at local high school parties. He began his rap career with Swishahouse in the late 1990s. After realizing how much money he could make distributing his own mixtapes, he parted ways with Swishahouse on good terms and formed his own independent label, Boss Hogg Outlawz. Slim Thug Thomas bought two record stores and worked in real estate. He currently has a new book, How to Survive a Recession slated to drop in late December 2012.

Check out "Houston" below:

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