Underrated: "They've Done Nothing But Put Quality Sh*t On Every Album They've Done"

Friday, Dec 30, 2011 12:15AM

Written by SOHH

[The Wrap-Up: With the year coming to a close, this week SOHH celebrates entertainment personalities' most favorite 2011 SOHH Underrated emcees. After Houston's Z-Ro repped for Texas yesterday, De La Soul end the week as 2011 favorites.]

De La Soul (SOHH Underrated:End Of Year)

I really got to say it's De La Soul as a whole. Just look at them. They've been consistent for over 20 years. They've never watered themselves down and never tried to change up their sh*t for the times, [and] always found a way to stay relevant. If you listen to their earlier stuff, it's totally different from their new sh*t, but they've grown up with their music. If you have listened to them for years, you would be able to tell the growth. I just respect that about them, their production and just everything. -Hasan Salaam (Rapper)

I would say De La Soul for SOHH Underrated. Even though people know some of their music, I don't think people understand just how great their albums were. Nowadays, it's really a singles game. Most people have one or two hot singles. But De La Soul made some classic albums. If you deconstruct those albums, you'll see the artistry behind them. You'll get groups like The Roots who will pay their respects to them but they are definitely a little bit underrated. -David Rousseau (Director)

This is easy. A lot of people say Black Thought is underrated but I'm going to name De La Soul. They've done nothing but quality sh*t on every album they've done. They pretty much bred the concept album in hip-hop with skits and everything. The problem is most people [were] familiar with De La Soul's name from the very beginning but then people started to sleep on them. I feel like they really started maturing. They [can] sound very young on a track without sounding immature. They were fun. It was dope and it didn't sound ignorant. They re-invented themselves all throughout their career. -D.T.M.D.'s Donc (Rapper)

Check out De La Soul's music below:

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