Guest Star: "The Morning Before Notorious B.I.G. Died, He Was Sitting In My Office"

Friday, Dec 16, 2011 3:45PM

Written by SOHH for Damion Young

[With his highly anticipated Guilty By Association book finally available for free download this week, author Damion "Damizza" Young opens up about what hip-hop heads can take away from the speculated tell-all.]

The story I am telling is about a hip-hop fan that got to see so much cool sh*t that I just wanted to share it with the other fans. But when I announced it, people said it was going to be a tell-all, it was going to be "this" and it was going to be "that" and so it really just got away from what it was supposed to be. I decided I wanted to give it to you and let you decide what you want to take from it.

I wanted the book to be about money at first, but then it started being about money for lawyers. So I just went, "You know what? I'm just going to give this away for free and forget it." This book is only going to be digital and that was the main thing when you think about pressing it up for print, it costs and makes it all about money.

I was on my iPad just going over the proofreading and editing of the book and said, "Wait a minute. Let's just put this up for free download." You can read this on your iPad and it's all broken up into chapters. There's a chapter on Dr. Dre. There's a chapter on Snoop Dogg. There's a chapter on Eminem. There's a chapter on Mariah Carey

The book is about 300 pages. People are going to be able to see all kinds of cool stuff. It's got great stories, it's how the Chronic 2001 album came together with Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg, it's about what the room was like when Eminem did, "Hi, My Name Is," and it's really a fan's book.

I went to a lot of the people who are in the book and asked them, "What do you remember?," and then take some of their stories and use them.

I was lucky enough to step into [Los Angeles radio station] Power 106 in 1997 right when hip-hop went commercial on a major level. As a fan, I was put into a position that made me very, very lucky to have a frontrow seat to a lot of historical events.

The morning before Notorious B.I.G. died, he was sitting in my office at Power 106 and [I write about] what he was thinking about that morning. The reason why I did this book is because I wanted people to see and feel the background in some of the biggest moments in hip-hop history.

I want people to get inspired by it. Hip-hop was my love and my passion. Hip-hop told me that anything is possible and that's what hip-hop is. That's what I wanted to share. The music business has gotten away from being fans of projects. You don't even have credits anymore to see who did what. You don't have fans like you used to so I wanted to bring that back with this book.

I wanted to tell some of the stories of what those moments were. This is a moment in time and I wanted to share that with as many people as I could and hopefully inspire them to do the same.

To download Guilty By Association, just click here.

Damion Young, better known by his stage name, Damizza, is a record producer, artist & author known for producing artists such as Ice Cube, Shade Sheist, Snoop Dogg, Korn, Nate Dogg, Ca$his, and Mariah Carey, including Carey's single "Crybaby." Throughout the 1990's, he worked at various California-based radio stations including KHTY and KPWR.

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