Guest Star: "The More Disses & The More Tyler, The Creator Brings It Up, The More Kids Are Going To Research It"

Monday, Dec 5, 2011 12:40PM

Written by SOHH for Prince Paul

[With Odd Future continuing to invade the mainstream and sway away from its initial gory raps, horrorcore Gravediggaz member Prince Paul gives his take on the crew's frontman Tyler, the Creator.]

You know what's weird is my whole introduction to Odd Future was a little over a year ago, way before Tyler, the Creator blew up and he started putting out a lot of new material. My really first introduction was via [group member] Earl Sweatshirt.

I played his first EP or album consistently. I was one of the biggest Earl fans. That's kind of when the Odd Future movement got big. At first, I thought it was all about Earl and then later I could kind of hear the comparisons [between their music and the horrorcore genre of the 90's], but it was kind of different from where we were coming from as the Gravediggaz. But people are going to hear "gore" and think, "Oh, that's horrorcore. It derived from the Gravediggaz."

I'm just happy that people remember us and kind of give us credit as the Gravediggaz and compared it to Odd Future's [work]. It's all kind of come in full circle but I think the only thing that kind of was [frustrating] is when I would read Tyler interviews and they'd say, "Oh, you guys are like the Gravediggaz," and he would just shoot it down like, "Oh, I've never heard of them. They're wack."

So I [would be] like, "Where did this come from?" It's different because from the beginning I was [co-signing] Odd Future and then he goes, "Oh, well y'all are wack." And I'm thinking, "You're like a fool, almost. I'm saying I like you and you're saying you hate me?" So it's like part of his persona too, so I can't get all buttered if people don't like stuff.

I guess because he's young and I get a little buttered about it like [it upsets me], but Gravediggaz was so long ago and I was so young and I'd rage war back then [too]. But now, I get a kick out of [those kinds of remarks] because it keeps the name moving like, "Wow, they're still talking about Gravediggaz? That's almost 20 years ago."

The more disses and the more Tyler, the Creator brings it up, the more kids are going to research it.

Beginning his career as a DJ for Stetsasonic, rapper and producer Prince Paul has lent his skills to albums by Boogie Down Productions, Gravediggaz, MC Lyte, Big Daddy Kane, and 3rd Bass, among others. Paul's big break came when he produced De La Soul's 3 Feet High and Rising album. Shattering the acknowledged rules of hip-hop production, he sampled not only funk, but all types of music to create fresh and original backing tracks.

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