5 Reasons Why You Should Buy...: "STEEZ": "They're Built To Help Dancers Whether You're Starting Out Or A Professional Dancing For The NBA"

Friday, Dec 9, 2011 2:45PM

Written by SOHH for Ryan Simpson

[With people stressing out over the winter holiday shopping season, Pioneer marketing head Ryan Simpson gives you his Top 5 reasons to get up and shake your body with their STEEZ boomboxes.]

1. I'm A Party Girl

One reason is because this is going to get you dancing. You can think of them as music systems but they're designed for dancers.They're specifically built to help dancers from all levels whether you're just starting out or you're a choreographer or professional dancer dancing for the NBA, NFL or other sports teams. They're good for pratice, in rehearsals and competitions.

2. Been Around The World

Another reason is because there are three different models in the line-up. Each is geared toward a specific type of dancer and a particular type of environment. The first model is called STEEZ Solo and it's really the little guy of the group. It's designed for dancers typically practicing by themselves and in small places like their home. The next step up is called The Duo. It's really geared for smaller dance groups and it's good for indoors and outdoors because it's water resistant. You can take it outside and if you have your iPod docked into it, it's fully enclosed. The next step up is The Crew. As the name implies, it's really designed toward dance crews and bigger studios. They're designed for instructors too for their courses. All three models are fully battery powered and you can plug them into the wall. You can take them anywhere.

3. Pump Up The Volume

The [STEEZ boomboxes have several features], and one is called tempo control. What you can do with this feature is change the speed of the music. It doesn't change the pitch, so the voices are not going to sound like chipmunks [or distorted]. So if you're just getting started as a dancer, you can adjust the pace of the music to however you like it. As you become more familiar with the moves, you can speed up the music back to normal or really turn it up.

4. GGG-GGG-GGigabytes

Another reason is because these have built-in memory. It's not expandable. Right now it's about 4 GB for each model and it's about 800 songs. The idea with this line of products is that they're not designed to store your entire music library. They're designed more to hold the music that you're going to be dancing too. It does have built-in flash memory which gives you access to advanced features. You can playback music from your iPhone, iPod, BlackBerry or other MP3 devices.

5. Color Me Badd

The colors really stand out. One thing we wanted to make sure we did with STEEZ is showing we're all about the unique style. In talking to some of the dancers, they told us they wanted to bring these out and really unveil it. They wanted people to see and take notice. So you're not going to see the typical black colors so we decided to get more flashy and create a product that not only sounds awesome but really looks neat.

You Decide. Will you purchase STEEZ

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