5 Reasons Why You Should Buy...: "SMS Audio": "It's More Than Just 50 Cent's Headphones"

Wednesday, Dec 14, 2011 12:00PM

Written by SOHH for Brian Nohe

[SOHH Special: In celebration of the winter holiday shopping season, SOHH is celebrating weeklong, featuring "5 Reasons Why You Should Buy" on the hottest must-have products to stuff your stockings with. Today, SMS Audio President Brian Nohe gives you his Top 5 reasons to purchase 50 Cent's newest headphones.]

1. Position of Power

I would say the first reason people should by SMS Audio headphones is because it's the collaboration between 50 Cent and myself. It's a premier headphones brand created by 50 Cent and it's a company where he can be involved with the creation and the design. He is intimately involved and this truly has his imprint on the product. That's the first reason.

2. Get Synced

The next reason relates to our wireless products called Sync By 50. The wire technology is superior to anything that's out there in regard to competition. We're using something called Kleer technology which is not blue tooth technology. It uses 16 bit wireless technology, it delivers high fidelity audio with zero compression which means basically that you're getting CD quality sound or studio quality. It is really brilliant. Each of the headphones whether they are Sync By 50, which is wireless, or Street By 50 which is wired, they are both professionally tuned.

3. Piggy Bank

The third point is because they are durable. These headphones are built to take a real beating. You can actually almost twist these headphones backwards and they still hold up in terms of there not being any problems with the quality of the product. These headphones really command the attention for anyone looking for real quality. There's a lot of celebrity-endorsed headphones out there that don't have that quality. But once people see the product, they will see this is really a superior quality product.

4. 50/50

The fourth reason is because we're really giving a choice [when selecting headphones]; wireless or wired. Our wired version, Street By 50, offers a really superior sound and has a wired mic with no sound distortion. Our wireless version, Sync By 50, has got onboard controls, Kleer wireless technology, you can sync up to four users from a single source within a 50 foot range. So imagine you and your buddies on a Saturday night playing video games and four of you can listen to the sound source at the same time. You can actually be 50 feet away from the source or each other.

5. The First Me

The final reason is because it's not a "Me Too" celebrity headphone. SMS Audio is a technology-driven headphone company and it's more than just 50 Cent's headphones. We have a full range of audio products and accessories. You can expect us to start looking at home audio, computer speakers, speakers. This is a true audio company and not just a "Me Too" celebrity brand.

You Decide. Will you add SMS Audio to your holiday shopping list?

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