SOHH Whatcha Think: Should David Banner Fire Back At V-Nasty's Diss? [Click Here & Speak]

Tuesday, Dec 13, 2011 12:05AM

Written by Jeezis Peace

The game's f*cked up: R&B singers threatening to have rapper's raped, young MC's disrespecting the vets while wearing flesh-tight jeggings, cats letting Twitter beef evolve into real-life homicides and finally, artist's making a name off of controversy to the point that you've never really heard their music, just their exploits.

Yeah, times have changed. If you though Canibus' diss and followup apology to J. Cole was random, check out Bay Area artist V-Nasty take a shot at David Banner on her track with Gucci Mane from their collabo album, BAYTL:

If you don't feel like skipping to the 2:05 mark, she basically poses the age-old question, "How a white b*tch more hood than David Banner?"

Whatever the hell that means. At this point, should Banner reply back? It's not exactly a Jay vs. Nas level feud, but we already know Banner is not too fond of artists like Nasty anyway.


Earlier this year, Banner spoke on the trend up white artists using the N-word in their raps

"The homies is busting slugs/ The women is shaking a**/ A white girl call us ni**a and we just sit back and laugh/ We call it swag," preaches the righteous rapper in a style reminiscent of Lil B. (Rap-Up)

Hip Hop definitely ain't what it used to be. These random darts being thrown add nothing to the genre, but it'll be interesting to see if Banner, whose never been one to hold his tongue, will take the bait and address V-Nasty's name drop. The question is, should he?

When you're done thinking on that, check out this new track by Jeezy f/ 2 Chainz:

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