5 Reasons Why You Should Buy...: "RZA's World App": "RZA's Sharing Things That Have Never Been Seen Before"

Thursday, Dec 15, 2011 12:20PM

Written by SOHH for Stephen Gluck

[SOHH Special: In celebration of the winter holiday shopping season, SOHH is celebrating weeklong, featuring "5 Reasons Why You Should Buy" on the hottest must-have products to stuff your stockings with. Today, COO of Charisma Apps Stephen Gluck gives you his Top 5 reasons to cop the new RZA's World App.]

1. Enter The Wu

This is RZA's first official electronic blueprint. All things RZA are in this app. This is truly unique window into his mind. We really put a lot of time into putting this together. This will  give true Wu-Tang Clan fans a really interesting picture as to what this very intelligent man has accomplished since his Wu-Tang days. It goes into scores he's written, his work with director Quentin Tarantino on the Kill Bill movies, him doing exclusive features for other artists and acting. There is no official RZA website, so he is using the app to keep fans updated.

2. Bobby Digital

Another reason is because RZA's sharing things that have never been seen before and are not available on the web or for purchase in any way. He wants to give his fans some exclusive beats that have never been heard before and clips from his first movie, Bobby Digital. There are a few 20 second clips that come for free and then there are 20 or 21 that range from 18 seconds to a minute and a half. These are things that no one has ever seen before.

3. Ice Cream

Another reason is because it has one of RZA's favorite things on the app. It's called, "The Soundtrack to Your Life." If you've ever wanted RZA to score your own life in a movie like he did with Kill Bill and Ghostdog, now you can get that in "Soundtrack to Your Life." It's his philosophy both with audio and music audio about life's trials and tribuations and positive things. It's a phenomenal part of RZA's World. [*Editor's Note: In this app feature, users can click on an aspect of life (finances, love, hustles) and a virtual RZA will reveal his own personal journey accompanied with music in a story-telling manner.*]

4. Da Myster of Chess Boxin'

A big reason is also because it has a chess game. RZA is a truly serious chess player. He really applies it to his own life. He really wanted to make sure there was a chess game and we made it so you can have fun and as serious as you want it. It's 3D and state-of-the-art. If you wanted to play a chess game, this is as good if not better than what's out there on the market right now. You can play as a novice or as an expert. You can change the range of difficulty. You play against RZA, or you can play against a friend. But what's really fun about it is aside from the incredible graphics, when you make a move, RZA will embark his wisdom on you. It's really a visual treat. When we showed this to RZA, he sat there playing it and said, "It looks like the computer is going to beat RZA." It can be tough or easy and he loves it.

5. Protect Ya Neck

The last reason is because many of RZA's collaborations in the industry aren't really discussed in the media until it's old news because he does not have the electronic blueprint. On the app, he gives his fans the news first. You will find out what's happening with him on the app first. It will be continuously updated and tell you what he's doing in acting, directing, music and anything related to him. There's a section where you can see all of his photos. As things come up, more stuff will be updated. There's a lot of stuff on here.

You Decide. Will you add RZA's World App to your holiday shopping list?

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