5 Reasons Why You Should Buy...: "Reebok Blasts": "Meek Mill & Chris Brown Have These Shoes"

Tuesday, Dec 13, 2011 12:00PM

Written by SOHH for Todd Kinsky

[SOHH Special: In honor of the winter holiday shopping season, SOHH is celebrating weeklong, featuring "5 Reasons Why You Should Buy" on the hottest must-have products to stuff your stockings with. Today, Reebok VP Todd Kinsky gives you his Top 5 reasons to slip into a new pair of Reebok Blast sneakers.]

1. Reebok Back, Reebok Back

One reason why you should buy these new shoes is because retro is really in right now. Kids are looking to buy retro products and the Blasts are a shoe from the 1990's that we really tried to modernize. It's an [updated] look for a young kid.

2. We Got Now & Don't Care Who Got Next

I think another reason is because this shoe and design represents a period for Reebok where we really want to unfold designs. Look at shoes like the Kamikaze and the Blasts, this is a period when Reebok really made some good performance shoes. They were brash, bold and unapologetic, [giving] you a 90's feel of Reebok Sport. I think with the Blast, when you look at the pattern and the design, it's really, really cool and represents what that Reebok era was.

3. Sweat The Technique

I think the third reason is because the idea of fusing lifestyle and technology is really big right now. We call it Lifestyle Tech. This is another example of a Lifestyle Tech shoe. It's really clean, real wearable with jeans. Kids are looking for something to rock with jeans but it still has that sort of technology and attitude to it. It's not a baller's own shoe. It's very wearable with jeans.

4. Excel With Exel

Another reason is because one thing that we can't ignore is [former NBA star] Nick Van Exel aka Nick the Quick wore the shoe. He had a really thing with us. He's kind of one of those cult heroes with this shoe. People who are really into the basketball culture will obviously remember Nick and this shoe.

5. Old School Rules, New School Swag

A big reason is because a lot of younger people in the hip-hop community like Meek Mill and Chris Brown have these shoes. Chris Brown just got a pair with a bunch of different colors. Meek Mill has really been wearing it and I think these are something you're going to be seeing on a lot of people's feet in the next 30 days. I think it's a really, really cool favorite.

You Decide. Will you add Reebok's Blasts to your holiday shopping list?

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