SOHH Whatcha Think: [Video] Drake Yells At Crowd Over Young Money Rumors + Who Killed Notorious Philly Rapper? [Click Here & Speak]

Monday, Dec 5, 2011 8:09AM

Written by Jeezis Peace

Heartbreak Drake has finally had enough. He knows many of you poke fun at his Sleepless in Seattle type flows, and he's cool with that. He's heard the jokes about his stint on Degrassi and he's not trippin'. But one thing we clearly won't stand for, are rumors that he and Young Money have parted ways. Nah. Sh*t like that gets his little rap hand waving in overtime.

Late last month,, Black America's finest news source, reported that Drizzy was making slowly plotting his great escape from YMCMB. And while it is true he did make a few changes regarding his management that's pretty much where it stopped.

"WME now represents Drake in all areas worldwide," a rep said in a statement. "Contrary to previous reports, there has been no change with Drake's management team, and he continues to be managed by Gee Roberson, Al Branch, Kyambo Joshua and Bryant Cortez of Hip Hop Since 1978." (AHH)

Well, Drizzy recently set the record straight by yelling the following into a crowd at a recent performance in Conneticut:

"If you ever wake up in the morning and you think Young Money ain't my team, you out of your motherf--ing mind," he said. "I'mma tell you that right now!"(MTV)

The scene was captured on video:

And there you have it. Moving on, infamous Philly MC Tommy Hill (whose extensive life of crime and constant rumors of being a snitch far outshined his music career) died over the weekend after being shot while leaving a club in Philly. You may remember Hill from being part of the R.A.M. Squad they dropped this semi-popular song back in the day:


Not sure when that song came out, but judging by the cliche accessories in the video (2 way pager, leather baseball jerseys and 4-wheelers) I'mma guess sometime between 1999-2001

SOHH Who Do you think killed Tommy? Many believe it was a robbery gone wrong, but due to his crazy background and the fact that he wasn't the most popular guy in Philly, it's really anyone's guess.

[Editor's Note: The views expressed in this column do not necessarily reflect those of SOHH]

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