5 Reasons Why You Should Buy...: "LUGZ": "If You Really Want To Feel A Pat Of The Urban Culture, You Want These"

Friday, Dec 16, 2011 12:35PM

Written by SOHH for Rashaun Smith

[SOHH Special: In celebration of the winter holiday shopping season, SOHH is celebrating weeklong, featuring "5 Reasons Why You Should Buy" on the hottest must-have products to stuff your stockings with. Today, LUGZ Marketing Director Rashaun Smith gives you his Top 5 reasons to style up with the iconic urban fashion brand.]

1. True Grit

One reason why you should buy LUGZ is for [their] comfort and durability. [LUGZ is created by] a family business that's been making shoes for 76 years. It's funny because when I'm working or out and seeing people walking, I see that iconic orange logo under their boot. We're a New York-based company and so you see our orange mark representing that New York City street pot hole.

2. Money Talks

Another reason is because you have to look at the shoes' value. For the dollar you spend, [it won't be] an enormous amount to get your money's worth. It's always been that way since the product launched in 1993.

3. '93 Til Infinity 

A big reason you should consider getting these shoes is because of their heritage. LUGZ started out in 1993, and if you go back and look at the timeline, there's not a lot of brands that are still around from 1993. So when you're looking at a true blood urban top brand, LUGZ has to be there. We're still here and we're making products. You can look at all of the cats who have worn LUGZ in the past years on television.  If you really want to feel like you're a part of the urban culture, you want to have LUGZ. The company has been here from the beginning.

4. Sole Purpose

Our new model right now is "Built For The Streets." [The 'street' referenced] can be any street, whether you're here in the city, New York, or you're in Los Angeles. Whatever your street looks like, we have product for you. From the canvas stuff to the sports athletics [gear], we got you. Now since it's cold, we're back to where the brand started with the boots. We definitely keep a nice, fresh line of boots. This year we dropped an elite collection. We've remixed some of the stuff from the 1990's and we're bringing it back with a new sole and utlizing new features.

5. This Is A Man's World

We're a man's brand. We're a man's man's brand. There are other brands out there that were doing things that weren't really catered towards men, [only releasing] a few men's products. We're focused on all things geared toward men. We're focused on making clothes and products that are suited for men.

You Decide. Will you add LUGZ to your holiday shopping list?

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