News: Lil Kim Spreads Open, Promises To Come Soon

Monday, Dec 26, 2011 11:10AM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

Brooklyn rapper Lil Kim is giving fans something to get excited about heading into the new year with a new promo advertisement promising fresh things to come.

Although discreet, Kim is featured in the promo shot with a "Coming Soon" message across the bottom.

Lil' Kim is back in black. The Queen Bee released a new promo photo for her fans on Christmas to create buzz for her upcoming EP. In the image, photographed by Mike Antonio, a long-haired Kim shows off her legs in a black leotard and red bottoms. "I'm Coming!!!!!!!!!" tweeted Kim, whose 5-track EP is scheduled to drop before the end of the year. (Rap-Up)

The Queen Bee also got on Twitter to promise more new things are coming.

"Hey Guys!!! I have a little Gift for U. A little preview of what's to come. Merry Christmas :) !!!!!"
"Merry Christmas & Thank U @MIKEANTONIO for the Amazing photoshoot. More to come!!!! :) Love U!!!!! Muahhhhhhh!!!!!!! :)" (Lil Kim's Twitter)

Along with a new 5-track EP, Kim is also putting together her delayed The Price of Loyalty autobiography.

"The book is still in motion. As a matter of fact, my book company is really doing this, hurry up. What happened was, we had a writer but we had to change the writer," Kim revealed in an interview. "The writer had to go and do a project, so we kind of postponed it for a second, but we're back on it now. It's called The Price of Loyalty. It's strictly about my stint when I was in prison, and what we're trying to do now and why it's taking so long, is that we're trying to make a mini-movie to coincide with the book. That takes a while because you've gotta green light it and all that stuff. Everything's gotta be done in moderation." (754 Media)

Last month, the female rap star talked about her independent run and juggling between producing a documentary and her book.

"I've been independent. You know I left my record company two years ago, I was in another situation and that's going to be in the documentary as well," she revealed, during an interview on Kay Slay's Streetsweeper Radio. "I am not sure if I'm going to separate that documentary from that book. That's what we're trying to figure out right now." (The Boom Box)

Check out a recent Lil Kim interview below:

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