News: "It's Real Fortunate To Be Able To Have A 20 Year Career Run & Partner Up W/ The Most Powerful Record Company"

Saturday, Dec 17, 2011 8:56AM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

Newly signed Cash Money Records' rapper Busta Rhymes has reflected on his new status on Birdman's roster, which includes Lil Wayne and Bow Wow, and called his situation nothing less than fortunate.

Busta credits Birdman's persistence in allowing his artists creative freedom as one of more outstanding advantages of waving the Cash Money flag.

"It's real fortunate to be able to have a 20-year career run and partner up with the most powerful record company in the business 20 years later," Busta told MTV News from the set of his Hype Williams-directed "Why Stop Now" video. "They understand. They know how to nurture the music, they know how to let artists be artists, they know how to let you reach your fullest capability creatively," Busta said of Cash Money. (MTV)

This week, Busta's "Why Stop Now" producer Sham "Sak Pase" Joseph hit up SOHH and said Busta treats music like he still has something to prove.

"I don't think anybody works as hard as Busta Rhymes," Sham told SOHH. "He'll come off a tour or a show overseas and he comes to the studio first. It's like, he works 'too' hard and to see the rewards that he's getting now at this point in his career is pretty amazing. But it's because he works hard. You know what I'm saying? He records and he's in the studio as if somebody is going to tell him he has to leave and he's no longer able to rapanymore. That's how he approaches the studio setting." (SOHH)

Sham also gave his opinion on Busta's decision to join Cash Money.

"A lot of people are very indifferent about that decision," Sham added, referring to Busta's recent signing to Cash Money," but I think from a business aspect, it's got to be very attracting toward Google [Music] that Busta Rhymes has access to the biggest artists in the game right now. The reality of it is 70 percent of radio, I promise you, is controlled by Young Money. I don't see why there's a big issue. They're winning, so, I think a lot of people feel since he's been in the game for so long and has done so many things for hip-hop, he probably could have started his own label and do x, y and z. But they're a huge machine that's winning." (SOHH)

Late last month, the rap veteran formally announced his signing.

"This whole experience that's getting ready to happen is probably going to be one of the most defining moments in hip-hop and probably in entertainment overall," said Busta. "This alliance with the Conglomerate and YMCMB and me and Bird and [Lil] Wayne, the whole family, it's something that's been a long time coming because we just always had a respect level and a genuine and organic friendship for a very long time. It goes back in the day because me and Bird used to spend a million dollars a year on cars alone just to compete at the Funk Flex car shows and talk sh*t to each other and live it up and have fun." (Derick G)

Check out some recent Busta Rhymes footage below:

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