Guest Star: "If You're Going To Scream 'Reebok's Back' Then You Better Have Stuff To Back It Up"

Monday, Dec 26, 2011 2:10PM

Written by SOHH for Todd Krinsky

[With Swizz Beatz excelling as Reebok Classics' creative director, the company's vice president Todd Krinsky reflects on Swizzy's six-month anniversary.]

It's been great. He's not just an ambassador for the brand, he's involved at all different levels of business with us. He's truly a visionary so he's involved creatively with the products that we bring out and he's involved in the ads. He's even creating music for the brand.

He's just an incredible visionary person that has a real touch with the consumer and pop culture overall. Swizz has been a great partner for me, personally, and then for the company he's been such a great consultant.

The energy over the last six months has been incredibe. We never went away, but we were kind of quiet for a while. We were kind of restoring our foresight of the business and using new technologies. Now it's really time to get back to talking about Classics again.

Reebok Classics means something to the consumer. Back in the day, every kid had a pair of Classics. You may not be able to say which [particular] shoe it was, but every kid had a pair of Classics.

Our goal is to get back to being a staple in every kid's closet in the world like we used to have. That takes time. You have to stop, readdress what you're doing, re-strategize what you're doing, you have to bring in some talented people like Swizz.

If you're going to scream "Reebok's Back" then you better have some stuff to back it up. "Reebok's Back" was not a marketing angle. When Swizz saw the first entire line that we were bringing out, he was like, "Wow. Reebok's Back." He just said it as more of a statement because of all of the product he saw.

Then he heard "Tupac's Back" and was like, "Yo, we have to do 'Reebok's Back.' We've got so much great products coming. The Kamikaze [sneakers] are only the beginning." The momentum has been incredible.

Todd Krinsky is most known for being the Vice President of Reebok. Todd's been with the company for over a decade. He is reportedly responsible for endorsement deals with 50 Cent/G-Unit and former NBA star Yao Ming. With Swizz Beatz now on board, Reebok Classics looks to take things to another level after the successful launch of Kamikaze and Blasts sneakers.

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