Guest Star: "I Kind Of Got Beef'd Out After The Third One"

Monday, Dec 12, 2011 2:35PM

Written by SOHH for Peter Spirer

[As hip-hop feuds continue to plague the rap game (the latest courtesy of Canibus dissing J. Cole), Beef director Peter Spirer reflects on his trend-setting series and if a fifth installment is in the works.]

From the first film I've made in hip-hop, it seems like my stuff gets copied. There was a beef movie before Beef that somebody rushed out. Fortunately it was terrible and nobody really picked up on it. It's crazy.

I kind of got beef'd out after the third one. I have had some conversations with [film maker] QD3 about doing more of them and I thought maybe I would do a couple segments of another one or something like that. I thought that was a very special series, a very special trilogy.

But at some point after that, it kind of developed into ["he said/she said" drama]. When I created the series, I was trying to give a context as to what was going on. I wanted to give an understanding to what was going on. I think it's a pivotal piece of work because I have artists all the time telling me how much it influenced them and how they look at their own decisions and take notes from those films.

It's just a bunch of stuff people have talked to me about. Even from seeing themselves on there and how they feel like they need to change. I want to work on it but if I do, it's got to move it forward. It can't spin in the same way. It's got to keep it interesting and new.

Like I said, I've been talking to Quincy about it and I don't want to name any beefs that I might want to look into because someone else might try to [steal the idea]. I'd rather not mention what I might be interested in.

Peter Spirer is a renowned hip-hop director behind Soulja Boy Tell Em's new Soulja Boy: The Movie flick. Along with directing the life story behind Soulja Boy, Spirer is also known for his involvement in the Beef DVD series and titles including Rhyme & Punishment, Thug Angel and more.

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