Singled Out: "Some People Had Negative Things To Say, [Comparing] Me To J. Cole..."

Tuesday, Dec 6, 2011 5:05PM

Written by J. Bachelor for Gliffics

[SOHH highlights a hot single each week and offers a unique look at the record. After Bad Boy spitter Red Cafe explains why he chose to get "Fly", young rhymer Gliffics gives listeners something to think about.]

There's been a lot of popularity behind the video for "Just a Thought."

It was directed by me. The premise behind the video is that there's an artist sitting in a grimy basement and she starts to draw and I'm a figment of her imagination. So as she starts to draw, I appear and everything that happens in the video is basically being controlled by her. So, she'll draw a gun and it'll appear in my hand. It's a very dope video.

The reason why I chose to highlight is because a lot of people gravitated toward that track. I have singles on my album that are radio ready, but the people that would hear my album would tell me this was their favorite track. So when it was time to make a video, I went against the grain and decided to make something for the people.

The people like it, some had negative things to say ... trying to compare me to J. Cole and stuff like that. I'm not coming out as an artist trying to beef with people. I definitely like J. Cole, I think his album is dope and he's saying alot fo stuff I can relate to.

I think a big message behind my music is that there's more out there. You don't have to stay in the hood to remember where you came from. I got two felonies before the age of 16. I used to rob people and rob houses and stuff like that. I used to beg for money and eat out of the garbage when I was a kid, really tough growing up in New York. But I turned my life around.

I'm more than just someone who just wants to rap. Hip Hop really saved my life.

Gliffics is a 26-year-old rapper from Brooklyn, New York. He has worked with producer Ill Mind. Gliffics plays double-duty, serving as rapper and producer on many of his records. His video for "Just A Thought" was honored by YouTube for views in its respective time period. Gliffics performed alongside A Tribe Called Quest earlier this year. His next project is coming soon.

Check out "Just a Thought" below:

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