Singled Out: "I Called Rick Ross And Said, 'I Need You To Go Ahead And Be A Part Of This Record...'"

Tuesday, Dec 6, 2011 11:45AM

Written by J. Bachelor for Red Cafe

[SOHH highlights a hot single each week and offers a unique look at the record. After Slim Thug broke down how he recruited Paul Wall & Chamillionaire to put on for "Houston", Bad Boy spitter Red Cafe explains why he chose to get "Fly".]

The new single we got out there is called "Fly Together" and it's with Ryan Leslie and Rick Ross.

I'm a big fan of Ryan Leslie and what he does. I used him for my "I'm Ill" remix ... it was him, Lloyd Banks and Claudette Ortiz. I think they helped the record get to a whole different level, and Ryan did a great job, he nailed it.

From there, I just wanted to work with him and be able to create something from scratch; time finally permitted us to be able to get in the studio. The thing about going into the studio with a producer is that sometimes you might not get in their and get what you need. But we went in there for one day and came out with a banger, so that says a lot about the artisty and the chemistry between Ryan Leslie and Red Cafe.

Immediately, I called Rick Ross and said, "I need you to go ahead and be a part of this record." He heard it and said, "Alright, cool. Send it to me."

So I flew down to go see him and I played him the record and he jumped on it and the rest is history.

Check out "Fly Together" below:

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