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Thursday, Dec 29, 2011 12:15AM

Written by SOHH

[The Wrap-Up: With the year coming to a close, this week SOHH celebrates entertainment personalities' most favorite 2011 SOHH Underrated emcees. After UGK's Bun B got trill yesterday, Houston's Z-Ro repped for Texas in 2011.]

Z-Ro (SOHH Underrated:End Of Year)

I would have to name Z-Ro from Houston, Texas as SOHH Underrated.  I like his music and I feel like he keeps it real to what he is. He's being who he is. I'm a really big fan of his. I remember always hearing a couple of his songs while I was down in Houston. He's one of those artists that always goes hard. I think Z-Ro's underrated and he's somebody that I think should be bigger than what he is right now. -Gucci Mane (Rapper)

I think the most underrated rapper would be my boy Z-Ro. I was just about to say Bun B as well. I would have to put Bun B as my number two choice but Z-Ro in my opinion is the most underrated. Z-Ro's just so talented man. I think he's underrated because he kind of sticks to himself. He goes to his own beat. He don't really f*ck with a lot of other people. Sometimes all he f*cks with is fam. I don't know why he hasn't achieved that platinum success but out of all of the albums he's put out, he's sold over a million records. So he definitely has had success but on a mainstream level [but] on a national level, it hasn't really been like that. On the underground, he's a legend. Z-Ro is one of my favorite artists to ever touch the mic. He's also a good friend of mine, a close homeboy. I always [root] for him because he deserves it. I just feel like he's so talented. -Paul Wall (Rapper)

In my mind, he's supposed to be a big artist but he's so real and so gutter with his music that I don't think it ever traveled as far as I think it should have went. I think since I've personally seen Z-Ro record and see how he can make the beat, sing on the record, rap on it, he can do it all. That's talent. It's almost like magic when you can come in a room with nothing and you make the beat, sing and rap on it. That's a lot of talent and so I respect him a lot. -Slim Thug (Rapper)

Be sure to check back tomorrow to find out what iconic rap crew share the honors of SOHH Underrated.

Check out Z-Ro's music below:

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