5 Reasons Why You Should Buy...: "He's Mine, Not Yours": "When You Look At Kim Kardashian...It's So Easy For Them To Give Up""

Tuesday, Dec 6, 2011 12:30AM

Written by Tyler McDermott for Gabrielle Dennis

[With the release of He's Mine, Not Yours in stores today, BET's The Game's own Gabrielle Dennis, gives you her Top 5 reasons why you should add this romantic comedy to your DVD collection.]

1. We Put You On Game

It's funny, funny, funny. It's a hilarious romantic comedy. I think because it's funny and entertaining, that's [a] first and foremost [reason]. I think all the cast did a really bang-up job. We put our A-game forward to just bring forth a piece and movie that will make your laugh. Myself, Carl Anthony Payne (he's hilarious in this movie), Jason Weaver (you get to see him as a leading man and being funny), and the list goes on with Wendy Raquel Robinson, Nadine Ellis, Darius McCrary, Caryn Ward. All of us tried to make this movie as funny as possible.

2. Let The Dollar Circulate

I feel like it's such a necessary and great genre to support. People are always like there are not enough black films, but these are the type of opportunities we get. When we show out in numbers, even if it's not in the studios, but if we're showing out in the DVD market as well, we're creating more opportunities for these movies to be made.

3. All You Need Is...

I feel like this movie uses romance and comedy to show lessons in trust, relationships, forgiveness, and fighting for love. I think that's so important and relevant in today's society where divorce is an easy option. Giving up and throwing in the towel is such an easy option. When you look at the likes of Kim Kardashian, people look up to someone like that and it's so easy for them to give up. Let's have something more positive in that light that really shows what relationships and fighting for love is about. I think it's so relevant and so needed with what's going on in our world right now.

4. P.S. They Hurt, Too 

One of the producers wanted to make sure that I say this [mention that] this is one of the movies that show and proves that all men are not dogs. [Laughs].

5. Make Mama Proud

I'm in it and my mom will really appreciate the support, making sure that her baby is working again. You know, let's just be honest with it. [Laughs] It's my first romantic lead and I had a lot of fun doing it. I got to do some physical comedy and all that stuff. I really think you guys will like it a lot.

You Decide. Will you buy He's Mine, Not Yours?

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