Underrated: "Even Though He's Loved By Everybody, I Still Don't Think He Gets The Props He Deserves"

Wednesday, Dec 28, 2011 12:15AM

Written by SOHH

[The Wrap-Up: With the year coming to a close, this week SOHH celebrates entertainment personalities' most favorite 2011 SOHH Underrated emcees. After The LOX's Jadakiss shined yesterday, UGK's Bun B kept it trill in 2011.]

Bun B (SOHH Underrated:End Of Year)

The most underrated rapper in rap is tough. I really think the most underrated, in my opinion, would have to be Bun B. I really hate the term "underrated" [because of how it can be interpreted] but to me, Bun B is one of the best guys making records and songs. His skills as an emcee speak for themselves. He's great at doing everything you can think of, whether it be his raps alone or putting together 16 bars. However you want to look at it, he's the best and most underrated in my eyes. I feel like if I had to say "underrated", I don't know if people always put him on the list as they should. I don't really know if people think to put Bun B in that list. And even though he may have gotten 5 Microphones [a perfect rating] in The Source Magazine for his last album [Trill O.G.], that's just one look. That's a good look having 5 Mics in The Source, but that's still just one look he has gotten when he deserves a lot more. -Pusha T (Rapper)

I would say Bun B. He's one of the most consistent emcees. Period. The most mainstream record he did with Pimp C was "Big Pimpin'" and Jay-Z. With him and Pimp C, rest in peace, they always had consistent music from day one but they never got that mainstream success. So I have to say Bun B. I used to be in Houston, heavy. When DJ Screw was alive, I was a heavy Houston cat. I was always had knowledge of the South going back to the 1980's. -DJ Scratch (DJ/Producer)

Let me think about this for a second. That's a good question. Bun B. Even though he's loved by everybody, I still don't think he gets the props he deserves. I think people love him because he's cool and obviously he's nice on the mic, but he's underrated. Bun B is definitely underrated. -Big Pooh (Rapper)

Be sure to check back tomorrow to find out what fellow Houston rap veteran was one of 2011's most favorite SOHH Underrated emcees.

Check out Bun B's music below:

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