SOHH Whatcha Think: Did Lil' Wayne Really Get Into A Fistfight + Should Jay-Z End 'Blueprint' Series? [Click Here & Speak]

Monday, Dec 12, 2011 12:05AM

Written by Jeezis Peace

Non-violence, non-violence. You hate to hear about a rapper getting caught up in some bullsh*t, especially overseas. Which is why the recent rumor that Lil' Wayne slappin' up some cat out in Africa is as random as it is unfortunate. Dah well. Here's the story:

According to Mediatakeout, Weezy F. Baby got caught up in a little melee while visiting the Motherland.

According to more than a DOZEN eye witnesses, rapper Lil Wayne got into a PHYSICAL confrontation inside a Johannesburg club called HUSH. The fight occurred, according to one's tipsters, when Weezy and some of his YMCMB goons attempted to confront a South African rapper, who COMPLETELY COPIES Lil Wayne's style. That rapper is named YOUNG NUCHO. The insider explained, "Mack Maine and security asked Nucho to leave the club, but he refused. Nucho had [goons] with him too, so nothing happened." But later that evening, it popped off. A big FIGHT broke out. And we're told that ALLEGEDLY . . . and we say ALLEGEDLY because Lil Wayne is currently on PAROLE . . . ALLEGEDLY Weezy put hands on Young Nucho. Not MAJOR hands, just a slappity dap!!! (Mediatakout)

Who knows what really happend. But hopefully, no fight really went down. Then again, you never know ... remember that clip of someone throwing a bottle at Weezy when he was performing out in Cape Town?

Sh*t ain't ordinary bruh. Why pay all that money to see a rapper just to toss a bottle at him?

Word on the skreet is that Hov is planning to add yet another Blueprint saga to the series.

Beyonce's future baby-daddy is not resting on his laurels. The dad to be has just released Watch the Throne with Kanye West, but word on the grapevine is he's already in the studio working on The Blueprint 4. Producer No ID spoke to Billboard about Jigga's 12th solo studio album; "Jay has started again. He played me a couple of things. I gave him some music while we were at the Watch the Throne sessions." "But with Jay, you never know what he's really doing, thinking, planning until it's really done... I'm sure he'll make a decision one day to make an album very quickly, like he usually does."(Purple Revolver)


No seriously. The original Blueprint album was arguably one of the best rap albums of the past decade. The second one? Meh. It had a couple of gems, but definitely wasn't up to par with the first. The third was better only because it had less throwaway joints, but as far as the BP series goes, you'd hate to see it become tarnished by a series of subpar followups.

SOHH Watcha Think -- Would another BP album by the RocNation boss ruin the legacy of the original?

Speaking of RocaNation, check out this very random diss track by Canibus dissing RocNation rapper J. Cole

[Editor's Note: The views expressed in this column do not necessarily reflect those of SOHH]

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