5 Reasons Why You Should Buy...: "David Thompson": "F*ck All That Buffoonery Rap W/ People Coming Out Doing Stupid Sh*t"

Tuesday, Dec 6, 2011 3:55PM

Written by SOHH for Kooley High

[With the new release of their highly-anticipated David Thompson LP in stores today, Kooley High's Charlie Smarts and DJ Ill Digitz give you their Top 5 reasons why this is a must-have album.]

1. A History Lesson

First off, I wouldn't even be talking to you if this wasn't hot. For the readers out there, hey readers, look at your feet right now, reader. You may have some Jordans on your feet, reader. And if you do, you got to look at your history. There's a reason why you got those Jordans on. Michael Jordan's idol was a guy by the name of David Thompson. That's what our album is titled, David Thompson. We all went to NC State University and learn your history. David Thompson. Just off that flavor alone, it should help draw people to the name. So just look at your history. Some people got that North Carolina thing with David Thompson and people will say, "Y'all are from North Carolina and a group, so y'all are trying to be like Little Brother or something." No. Look at your favorite artists, reader. They probably f*ck with Little Brother. You got Drake coming out saying Phonte's an inspiration and Kanye West saying when he was young and upcoming, Phonte was one of the dudes that helped him get where he's at. Just look at your history. That's reason number one. -Charlie Smarts

2. Look At Me Now

The second reason why you should cop David Thompson is because the make-up of the group. It's real diverse. We have black people in the group, there's white people in the group and we also have guys and girls in the group. So the second reason why you need to check this out is because we're a diverse group and we have a little bit of everything. I guarantee if you check it out, no matter who you are, girl or boy, it's going to be something in it for you to take and mess with and our vibe is for everybody. -DJ Ill Digitz

3. We Make Mooooovies

We're the Wes Anderson of this sh*t. SOHH covers movies and all of that but for those that aren't familiar, you might want to look him up. He does dope a** movies. They may not be blockbusters but he makes movies that you're going to love and can see over and over again and take something new away every time. That's how I feel about our music. We take our time and don't try to put out some bullsh*t. We'd rather put out some dope sh*t than some bullsh*t and I feel like we're the Wes Anderson of this whole hip-hop thing. -Charlie Smarts

4. Cha-Ching

The fourth reason is because we want our fans to put their money where their mouth is. If you like quality efforts and want that music to be fine tuned and if you enjoy people who take their time and represent that true quality of hip-hop, support it. The best way for it to continue is to support it and buy the album. That's how we're going to make sure it continues. -DJ Ill Digitz

5. Bada Boom

The final reason is because I said so. But really, f*ck all that buffoonery in hip-hop. We [value] quality over buffoonery. There's a time and place for that and this is not that time. This is not that place. F*ck all that buffoonery rap with people coming out doing stupid sh*t that people don't want to hear. We don't want to hear it, they don't want to hear it and we make music for the people that we make music for. We're not trying to make music for everybody-everybody. We make it for the underground hip-hop fans that are about that. So if you're about that quality underground hip-hop, then rock with us. We're not going to disappoint you. Ain't no bad looks over here. -Charlie Smarts

You Decide. Will you purchase David Thompson?

To purchase the new LP, just click here.

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