5 Reasons Why You Should Buy...: "Culo": "Many Of The Pictures In Here Are Influences From Diddy & Jimmy Iovine"

Monday, Dec 12, 2011 12:00PM

Written by SOHH for Raphael Mazzucco

[SOHH Special: In honor of the winter holiday shopping season, SOHH is celebrating  weeklong, featuring "5 Reasons Why You Should Buy" on the hottest must-have products to stuff your stockings with. Today, famous photographer Raphael Mazzucco gives you his Top 5 reasons to get a grasp on the new Diddy/Jimmy Iovine-approved Culo by Mazzucco coffee table book.]

1. Last Train To Bliss

The book within itself is a journey and what you'll see is a lot of the photographs are shot in all different places in the world, [such as] Vietnam, Italy, parts of South America as well as Iceland. We really went around the world. Jimmy Iovine and Diddy are really just friends of mine and the way we began the journey was very spontaneous in the beginnning. Places that I ended up shooting had to do with the color setting we thought would be really beautiful in the book or maybe the girl happened to be in that location and we would work with the environment that we were in. All the time, it was very unpredictable where we were going to shoot. That element really helped with this project because we never really preplanned much from the beginning. It made it more fun.

2. Take That, Take That, Take That

I think another reason is because this is a celebration of female sensuality, and with that comes the art factor. It's showing [that] each girl is unique in herself which entertains the viewer in such a different light. The producer Polow Da Don really helped introduce me to an idea that he thought would be beautiful and then Sean [Diddy] would give me ideas about color and shape and what type of girl [would be ideal to feature in the collection]. A large part of this project was the collaboration with all of these incredible people that are involved in making amazing music and me being this art/fashion photographer getting a chance to work with these people was just an incredible combination. I was really honored to do it.

3. Press Play

Another reason is the color factor. Hopefully this will make the viewer dream and feel like they're living in the places where we shot. [In some locations], it's snowing and sometimes the color is blue. It gives you a mood to where you might want to be. You want to be right in that book. You want to jump in! I almost look at color as remembering what the whole shoot was like. From the beginning to the end. In the beginning, we start with this idea and from there, we'll go forward and start working on the art. We had a lot of fun doing it. The colors weren't preplanned, so it made it a lot of fun, especially the end process where we got to see the arrival [of the art].

4. Forever

The book [is] a celebration of atypical fashion picture. It has a lot to do with the pop culture element, it has a lot to do with the music element, it has to do with a lot of things that were based on when we did the book with Jimmy Iovine and Diddy. Many of the pictures in here are influences from Diddy and Jimmy Iovine. We explored those ideas and how we arrived to those pictures is what made it so interesting.

5. Let's Get It

I think the final reason is because it's Christmas and everyone needs a beautiful present. With this, you can celebrate art and this is not a bad way to start the Christmas season off.

You Decide. Will you add Culo to your holiday shopping list?

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