SOHH Whatcha Think: Chris Tucker Says Yes To 'Friday 4' You Checkin' For It? + Reality Star Draya Sheds Clothes In Mag

Friday, Dec 9, 2011 8:34AM

Written by Jeezis Peace

The Friday film series has almost become The Godfather of black hip hop comedies. Rumored to be written during a smoke session at Snoop Dogg's house nearly two decades ago, the original has stood the test of time while its sequels have gone on to earn a few laughs along the way as well.

According to reports, Ice Cube recently got Tucker to say yes to starring in the fourth installment of the popular series.

Representatives for director/rapper Ice Cube have confirmed that a new "Friday" is in the works with actor Chris Tucker. spoke to a member of Ice Cube's production company Cube Vision, who confirmed that the project was in the works. "Absolutely yes the studio is in the process of getting the entire original cast to do another 'Friday.' [Ice Cube] is very excited about this and has every intention to make it happen," the rep stated. Ice Cube released the first of the three "Friday" franchise films in 1995. The original "Friday," which starred Chris Tucker, grossed a total of $28 million. The sequel to the film, "Next Friday" was released in 2000 and starred Mike Epps. The film grossed over $59 million.(AllHipHop)

Ayo, Mike Epps, Chris Tucker is back:


That's a good look for the latest one, as Cube said he would only make a part 4 if Tucker was involved, SOHH Watcha Think -- Are you checkin for another Friday? Or has the series run its course?

In other news ... it's hard to keep up with all these reality chicks but Draya is a cutie from Basketball Wives of L.A. who manages to grab my attention. This lil' cutie may have gotten the hands of God layed on her on television, but that don't mean she still ain't sexy.

So fellas, without further ado, here are a few pics of Draya from her photoshoot with Black Men Magazine. Have a great weekend!


No diggity. No doubt.



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