5 Reasons Why You Should Buy...: "Anthem Inc": "There's Not Too Many Groups That Have Been In The Game Like We Have & Still Have A Following"

Tuesday, Dec 13, 2011 4:15PM

Written by SOHH for Naughty By Nature

[With today's release of Naughty By Nature's Anthem Inc., the iconic group gives you their Top 5 reasons to cop the 20th anniversary celebratory album.]

1. Hip Hop Hooray

The number one reason why you should go out and buy this album is because it's good music. Good music is good music. Naughty By Nature always brings good music. This project took about two years to complete. It wasn't because we didn't finish the records, it's that we didn't have any distribution yet. So now we have E-1 [distributing our record]. We had done the first batch of records, begun putting them out and promoting them and then we didn't have the distribution deal that we wanted so we continued to grind it out and made a mixtape. Once we made a mixtape, we put out a video and we had already been talking to E-1 to close out the deal. Overall, this was a two year project. -Vin Rock

2. Whatcha Want

The fans have been asking for this. There's not too many groups that have been in the game like we have and still have a following. But the biggest ready why you need to get the album is because your n*gga Trigga said so. For you to have fans and to hear their passion for wanting to hear your music, I'm a fan of my own material. So I've been waiting to hear this as well. It's been ten years since the last album so it's finally time. The fans are never going to have to wait this long again. -Treach

3. Re-Up Gang

The third reason you should get this is because Treach is going hard on here. This may be one of Treach's best performances ever. You've got some conscious records on here, some party records, some street records on there, so it's a good overall mix only like Naughty can do. The R&B records on here organically came from working with Kay Gee again. He's been doing a lot of R&B. He stays in that lane. -Vin Rock

4. It's The Return Of The Mac

We're known for that boom bap music. We're known for making records that all don't sound alike. We've just been out there like that. Before we even got on, we've had a history of always making heat. It's never been any songs that sound like previous records. Every hit was a monster, every album was its own and we have a strong history. -Treach

5. Naughty's Always Been Nice

You should go out and support this album because it's Naughty. When people go out and buy records, see movies and do anything, they do it because they're a fan first and trust what they do. You know the name and you trust it. Whether you like it or not, you trust that name and go to check it out. I think from the gate, people need to go out and check it out. I'm almost sure once you do, you're not going to be like, "You know what? This right here is terrible." -Kay Gee

You Decide. Will you buy Anthem Inc.?

To purchase the new LP, just click here.

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