SOHH Whatcha Think: Why Is Nicki Minaj Beefin' W/ Music Legend Cher & Did Wiz knock up Amber??! [Click Here & Speak]

Monday, Nov 28, 2011 8:00AM

Written by Jeezis Peace

Man, what in the hell did these folks have for Thanksgiving dinner? Sh*t was calm and peaceful in the rap world before the break, and now, all this crazy sh*t is happening. Young Money booty, I mean, beauty Nicki Minaj and her boyfriend are e-beefing with Cher and now it looks like Wiz may or may not be a poppa soon.

Remeber that song "Did it On 'Em?" Yeah. In the song, Nicki uses the Big Sean "Supa Dupa Flow" and delivers the line, if If I could turn back time -- Cher. Used to be here now you're gone -- Nair.

Simple enough, but apparently some of Cher's fans (How Cher fans no the lyrics to Nicki Minaj songs are beyond me) took that line as a diss and Tweeted Cher about it. Let this sink in:

1. Cher is on Twitter.

2. She responds to rap beef.


The only sad part about this is that Nicki's boyfriend Safaree (same cat that allegedly got in a romp with Minaj earlier this year) was doing most of the e-beefing with Cher. Beefing with a 65-year-old woman on Twitter. That's gangsta.


Last but not least, I don't see it, but they're saying Wiz's boo Amber Rose may be pregnant. Peep the pic below:


Looks like she just finished having a nice lunch and has a little gut, but I'm not seeing signs of a tiny Wiz up in there.

Time to clear our minds a bit, check out this new joint by DMX f/ Swizz, Drag On, Mook and The Lox. Hot Fiyah:

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