"Muscle For Your Hustle": "Whatever You Want To Do, Kick Some A** Doing It"

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5 Reasons Why You Should Buy...: "Muscle For Your Hustle": "Whatever You Want To Do, Kick Some A** Doing It"

Monday, Nov 7, 2011 3:25PM

Written by SOHH for Adam Bernard

[With his Muscle For Your Hustle: What Every DIY Musician Needs To Know e-book available now available at the click of your mouse, veteran music journalist Adam Bernard gives you his Top 5 reasons to cop his industry insider manual.]

1. We Got It 4 Cheap

The 99 cent price tag has to be a pretty nice reason right there because that's a lot cheaper than other artists' advice books. It's shorter than most artists' advice books with it being 49 pages, but I kept it to the point. I figured a lot of people try to rip off independent and do-it-yourself artists. There are a lot of pay-to-play events where artists have to sell "x-amount" of tickets in order to perform or have to bring "x-amount" of people to perform. You also have websites that you have to pay to get your [music] featured and magazines where you have to pay to get featured. I consider those scams and so I said, "Let's give people a break. They need advice, so let's make it 99 cents." At the worst, if they're like, "I know this stuff," they're only out 99 cents.

2. Word From The Wise

Another reason is because this is coming from somebody who has a lot of experience as a writer and someone who has seen independent artists succeed and fail. I've been writing professionally for 11 years and I have just as many national magazine cover stories under my belt. I really focused on independent music for a lot of it. I've been situated in both New York and Connecticut's independent hip-hop scenes. I had a column in my weekly paper [The Fairfield Weekly] for three years about independent music. So this isn't just coming from somebody saying, "I think this will work." This is coming from somebody saying, "I've seen this work and this is how you can make it work for you."

3. Work Your Rhythm

Another reason is because I'm not trying to change anybody's music. I really want to get that across. I know there's a lot of "advice" [being doled out to artists] saying "You should tweak this a little bit." This is just me trying to show people the most effective ways to get their music to people, to network with those people and to perform with those people. Those are the three big things in the book. Nothing in the book says to change your music. Whatever you want to do, kick some a** doing it and here's some tools to try and get it to people and how to present it.

4. Timeless

I have to give a lot of the credit for this book to my buddy Conscious because we have these conversations every couple weeks about stuff that's partly advice, partly what's going on in music. One thing we both agree on, and I have to admit he came up with this, "Good information never gets old." A lot of features that I write, and I realize this as a journalist, when someone has an album coming out and they want to talk about it, unless you can get something else out of them, it's something that's only going to be pertinent for about a week or a little longer. Solid advice is pretty timeless.

5. Ask Jeeves? Ask Me.

I think the fifth reason could be the fact that I'm accessible. I'm on Twitter; I respond to people on Facebook and Google Plus too. I'm not sure how many advice authors are willing and so easily accessible that you can ask, "Hey, what did you mean by that?," and get a response. So hopefully that makes [the book] unique as well.

You Decide. Will you purchase Muscle For Your Hustle?

To purchase the new book, just click here.


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