5 Reasons Why You Should Buy...: "Sparta": "We're Speaking For People That Have Been Pushed Aside"

Tuesday, Nov 22, 2011 1:15PM

Written by SOHH for M.O.P.

[With this week's release of Sparta, Brooklyn Duo M.O.P give you their Top 5 reasons to march out and support their war on the industry.]

1. We Are The Streets

We started in the game back in 1993 and have basically had everybody against us since day one. People say we're too street, but we just speak from the heart. Alotta people say M.O.P. is loud, we yell too much. We not yellin, we just liftin' our voices because we're speaking for a nation. We're speaking for people that have been pushed aside or swept up under the rug. -- Billy Danze

2. Last Of A Dying Breed

I do what I do because I learned from the best. Now, the kid that comes out spittin' tomorrow is learning from the kids that are out today, and he's even lazier than the guy he's learning from. We really can't be mad at him. I learned from guys like Big Daddy Kane and Run-DMC. -- Billy Danze

3. School Daze

I got a son, and he about to go to college [laughs]! So pick up Sparta I need to put his lil' a** through college ... I want him in Penn State, not the State pen. Oh and pick an extra one up for me, just for the f*ck of it and because Lil' Fame say so [laugh]. -- Lil' Fame

4. Yeah, We Like It Raw

 If you an M.O.P fan and you want us to win, pick up Sparta. If you want us to get what we deserve, you gotta pick it up. This album has no gimmicks, or nothin' like that -- just unadulterated hip-hop. -- Lil Fame

5. Pick It Up, Pick It Up, Pick It Up

I know y'all tired of the microwave music that's going on. So, if you're tired of the f*ckin' same songs comin' on the radio every f*ckin' hour and day, pick up Sparta. -- Lil Fame

You Decide. Will you buy Sparta?

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