Guest Star: "We Met These Chicks In Nashville & They Took Us To The Honky-Tonk Bars"

Friday, Nov 18, 2011 4:30PM

Written by SOHH for The Kid Daytona

[After hitting the road for the first ever L-R-Generation Tour alongside 9th Wonder and Freddie Gibbs, The Kid Daytona reflects on some of the wildest moments from his eight-city run on the road.]

I've known 9th Wonder for a while now. The same is true about Freddie Gibbs because in the [lifestyle clothing line] L-R-G fam, we're all really a family. All of the artists that they mess with, we're all cool and plus we all respect each other.

So as far as going on the road with them, those are my dudes and it wasn't really anything different. But as far as being on the road, I definitely learned a lot because that was my first time being on the road and second off, my first time being in a lot of those places. We were out in Indianapolis, St. Louis and even Chicago I had never been to.

Just seeing people in the crowd mouthing my lyrics and people knowing who I am and then also people who had never heard of me and once I got off the stage, greeted me. I showed love to everybody that was there. We did a lot of intimate venues with around 400, 500 people.

After every show, I got off the stage and walked through the crowd and chilled with the people that was in the crowd. It was just a lot of love and I came back home with just the ambition and the mindset that it's really time to go out there and really get it.

Seeing my people like Freddie Gibbs really going out there and making that push to really be a mainstream artist, people are really loving him out there. Being just competitive, I felt like, "That's what I need and I'm not too far away from that [status]." So when I came back home, I hit my management team and my PR team and told them, "It's time to get it right now."

The craziest thing that happened was when we met these chicks in Nashville and they took us to the honky-tonk bars. I'm from the South Bronx so first of all, that was weird to me. So we're in there and it's just looking like every dude in there's name is Tex and they got the big hats on and the flannels tucked in the jeans with the belt buckles and they're just looking at us crazy because we're in there with these white girls and we're dancing to honky-tonk music.

After that, we headed out on the road to Memphis and one of the girls that was with us owned a taco stand and she hit us with mad tacos for the road. That Southern hospitality is real.

Kid Daytona is an American Hip-Hop artist. He previously released a mixtape called A Tribe Called Fresh, based around classic Tribe beats, on which he collaborated with the likes of Joell Ortiz, Kardinal Ofishal, J Dilla, Estelle, Nina Sky, C.N.N. and Talib Kweli. He is currently working on his upcoming Interlude 2 album.

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