"This Was One Of The Most Hardest Processes I've Ever Done As An Artist"

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Guest Star: "This Was One Of The Most Hardest Processes I've Ever Done As An Artist"

Friday, Nov 11, 2011 10:05PM

Written by SOHH for Donny Goines

[With today's new release of his Success Served Cold street album, New York rapper Donny Goines thinks back to the project's early beginnings and overall creation.]

First and foremost, my thing is this. I chose the title Success Served Cold off of two popular things. The first being, "Success Is The Best Revenge" and "Revenge Is A Dish Best Served Cold." It's a combination of those two sayings. When you look at the title, that's what it stands for.

The ideology of the concept of the album itself is very simple. It's to explain to people, number one, there's no "if," because I "will" be successful. There's no "if" in that equation. Secondly, I will not be successful overnight. There's no question about it. It's going to be a long process. It's going to be something where I show people in time what it means to be successful in my own terms and my own definition.

What's successful to you may not necessarily be what's successful to me. Me being rich and famous is not successful to me. Me being the most popular topic on Twitter and be a trending topic is not being successful to me.

Success to me is learning how to be a great artist, becoming a great businessman and teaching others how to do that same exact thing. That's my success. And living comfortably.

First off, putting the records together was torture. There's no other way to put it. When I say torture, I don't mean 'whatever, whatever.' This was one of the most hardest processes I've ever done as an artist. No question about it.

I definitely did something that most people could never have done. For instance, I've recorded this album at least three times. I recorded this album several times. I've demoed songs, I've cut songs and any and everything you can think of with that album, I've done it.

It took a lot of teamwork. First and foremost I have to shoutout the executive producers Maki and Ariel Borujow of Stadium Red. They really busted they a** to make the project what it is. There's no way I could have ever been able to create that project without them.

As far as the concepts and the thoughts, I've always had these in my head. But putting them together in a story format, that was a difficult part. There was a lot of editing, re-recording, re-editing, re-mixing, mixing verses, just everything you can think of.

I think the end product is pretty much going to be a testament of hardwork and very much so dedication to the craft on all ends.

Donny Goines was born in the borough of Manhattan but spent most of his youth going back and forth between Philly, the Bronx, and Harlem. With an incarcerated father and a mother recovering from her battle with a drug addiction meant that Donny would be left to fend for himself and exposed to the allure of the streets at an early age. Ingrained with a street mentality that some can only imitate, Donny knew that to fill the holes in his life, something had to change, something had to happen. His energies had to focus on a positive to avoid the negative. Having been forced to grow up fast, Donny realized in his searching that music was his solace. With an obvious interest in performing, writing and freestyling, hip-hop became a more prominent aspect of Donny's life, it became his salvation.

To download the next street album, just click here.


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