"There Was A Ton Of Work Done W/ This Just Blaze & Rick Ross Record"

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Singled Out: "There Was A Ton Of Work Done W/ This Just Blaze & Rick Ross Record"

Tuesday, Nov 15, 2011 4:00PM

Written by SOHH for Ken Lewis

[SOHH highlights a hot single each week and offers a unique look at the record. After producer Cavie revealed how N.O.R.E. and DMX's "Electrolytes" remix came together, Watch the Throne contributor Ken Lewis decodes the new Rick Ross "I Love My B*tches" record.]

For Rick Ross' "I Love My B*tches," I mostly created music and the vocals for it. I also have a small co-write on the record as well.

I knew when I got the call from Just Blaze that it was going to be for Ross. Justin pretty much told me, "Hey Ken, I need you to create a bunch of music for Rick Ross." Justin is pretty much the type of producer who really knows what he wants. He's incredibly detailed oriented.

So it's not like I'm creating some big, brand new thing. No. Just Blaze was the producer and pretty much running the ship on that record. I was the hired gun who came on board to basically take his vision of what he wanted to get across and add my flavor to it and really create my sound to the record and then put it out.

There was a ton of work done with this Just Blaze and Rick Ross record. There was a lot surrounding that record. Musician-wise, there's a live drummer on it, we had two vocalists in the studio singing those high vocal parts and between me and my production partner, we created a lot of the music in it with the pianos and bases.

For the most part, everything we created was guided and laid out for what Justin was looking for.

Ken Lewis is an award-winning producer who has worked closely with Kanye West and Jay-Z along with mixed records for Drake and Rick Ross. His credits include 7 Grammy's, 57 Gold and Platinum albums and singles, 35 #1 albums and singles, and 16 more Grammy nominations, so far. He's produced on Billboard Charting singles and #1 Albums, major label rock records, critically acclaimed indie rock albums, and major label hip hop & R&B records. He is a platinum producer and has worked on Grammy-winning projects as a mixer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, vocalist and engineer.

Check out "I Love My B*tches" below:


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