"The Perfect Gift": "He Was So Nervous But I Held His Hand & He Did A Really Good Job"

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5 Reasons Why You Should Buy...: "The Perfect Gift": "He Was So Nervous But I Held His Hand & He Did A Really Good Job"

Friday, Nov 11, 2011 2:40PM

Written by SOHH for Golden Brooks

[With the new release of The Perfect Gift in stores nationwide, actress Golden Brooks gives you her Top 5 reasons why you need this holiday DVD in your stash.]

1. American's Favorite Idol

The one big reason why you should get this is Ruben Studdard. Any time you can get to hear Ruben Studdard sing, the velvet teddy bear, I say go and do it. He's just amazing in the film. I was so excited to find out I was working with him. I'm one of those very die-hard American Idol fans and he just, wow. I'm such a groupie when it comes to real, true talent. He has it. When I heard he was doing it, I was so very excited. He's such a big guy but he has such a sensitive spirit. This is his first movie/play. He was so nervous but I held his hand and he did a really good job.

2. Some Like It Hot

It's such a warm heartfelt film for the holidays [to enjoy] as you're sipping your eggnog. It's a film that's really going to bring families together. [During the stint of] the TV show Girlfriends for almost a decade, eight years, we would always do the little holiday episodes but it's something I've never done before in terms of doing a teleplay and play live. It's something that I've never done in this form, [and] something [during] the holiday time. It just warms my heart and after having a child, I look at scripts differently. Christmas time is my favorite time of the year and I had never done a holiday movie. Also, the message in this movie really spoke volumes to me. I was overjoyed to be a part of it.

3. The Joke's On Us

It's incredibly funny. There's so many funny scenes in the film that everyone is going to love. There's a scene where I'm cooking and Ruben's father in the film just prays over food for far too long and it's so funny and hilarious. The scene with the standoff between my father, played by Clifton Powell and Ruben's father, those scenes are just hilarious.

4. Jingle All The Way

It's a really great way to start off the holidays. I know this it out a little bit before Christmas, but this is a really good way to start things off. This is a film you're going to love.

5. Black Is Beautiful

I think it's good to support what we're doing. It's good to support what black folks are doing. We don't get as many of our films on the big screen as we would like and it's just great to support what we do on every level and every medium. So that's why I say you should buy it.

You Decide. Will you buy The Perfect Gift?

To preview/purchase the film, just click here.

Check out the film's trailer below:


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