SOHH Whatcha Think: Eminem's Fans Rise Against Him: Has Rap's King Been Dethroned? [Click Here & Speak]

Wednesday, Nov 23, 2011 8:05AM

Written by J. Bachelor

Next to Beyonce and Beiber, Eminem fans are some of the most devoted rap listeners  walking the Earth. You even think about dissing their Hip Hop hero and your life is in immediate danger. Which is what makes this movement against the man known as Marshall Mathers all the more ironic, as his legion of followers are accusing their leader of selling wack music over the past several years.

Take a look at the group's mission statement:

The FansDown Movement was created on November 15th, 2011 with the direct purpose of reaching out to Eminem about his recent music. Founded by, one of the biggest hip hop forums, it was an attempt at voicing their frustrations along with plenty others who were disappointed in Eminem's recent offerings.(You Let Fans Down)

According to the group's Web site, the quality of Shady's music has been on a downward spiral since 2004.

Starting with Encore, Eminem went from unprecedented heights to unprecedented lows in a flash. At one point, Eminem was regarded as one of if not the best rapper alive. That all changed in 2004. From 2004-2009, with exception of a few songs, Eminem dropped music of low quality and no doubt disappointed fans everywhere. In 2010, Eminem somewhat regained at least a portion of his former glory with Recovery and definitely made a step in the right direction lyrically.(Fans Down)


ABOVE: Visitors at leave "special" messages for their former hero.

Em's verse on the Yelawolf track "Throw It Up" has been cited by numerous members of the "You Let The Fans Down" (dubbed #FansDown for short) movement as a career low for the best-selling rapper:

Kinda funny, when you consider the fact that Shady was recently named "The King of Hip Hop" and is one of the best-selling artists of all time. Personally, I always felt his best album was The Marshall Mathers LP, and that came out over a decade ago. I always thought Em could do no wrong in the eyes of his fans, but this clearly shows that many of them aren't feeling his most recent releases.


ABOVE: A #FansDown supporter expresses disgust at one of Em's recent bars.

SOHH Watcha Think -- Is Em's music as powerful as ever, or is the #FansDown music right, and Slim has been riding the wave of his first two albums for the past several years?

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