Singled Out: "Kanye West Was Inspired By New York City"

Tuesday, Nov 22, 2011 3:35PM

Written by J. Bachelor for Denzil Porter

[SOHH hot single each week and offers a unique look at the record. After renowned singer Betty White dishes out the goods on her Lil Wayne-featured "Grapes On A Vine" record, BX newcomer Denzil Porter serves a toast on his track, "Kanye West".]

The creation of this song came about when I was in Detroit, the beat just sounded like a live performance so when I recorded it, I went in with the idea that I should sound like I'm performing it live.

It's a simple track, I didn't want to do too much to it, so I just recorded straight thorugh and it came out nice.

"Kanye West" was inspired by New York City ... that's the stuff we go through everyday. Everytime I travel out of state, I get the same kind of reaction about our attitude, so I just decided to write a song about it. I'm kind of old-school: I don't really make music to impress the masses, I make it for me and my friends and if others like it, they shoud listen out.

Once the song was complete, I sent it over to a director, who decided we needed some visuals to go along with the record. It was very easy, because a lot of the things you see in the video are things I've done before [laughs].

The reaction to the song has been crazy, I didn't expect it to get this much credibility so it's really good. I haven't had that much bad feedback about it. Shade 45 showed it some love and its been on alot of the major hip-hop sites have also shown it some love.

Denzil Porter is a rapper from The Bronx, New York. His music has appeared on Shade 45 Radio and various Hip Hop Web sites.

Listen to "Kanye West" below:

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