"Mr. Showbiz": "If You Really Want To Know How I [Feel] About Eminem..."

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5 Reasons Why You Should Buy...: "Mr. Showbiz": "If You Really Want To Know How I [Feel] About Eminem..."

Friday, Nov 4, 2011 9:10PM

Written by J. Bachelor for Nick Cannon

[With the recent release of "Mr. Showbiz", entertainer Nick Cannon gives his top five reasons why you should go out and support his new comedy DVD.]

1. Let's Talk About Shady

If you really want to know how I felt about the Eminem situation, I'm talking about it on Mr. Showbiz.

2. Call Me Mr. Cannon

If you really want to know how I feel about people calling me "Mr. Mariah Carey", I'm talking about it.

3. Respect My Hustle

It's for all the people have something to say about my career, as far as "Can I do comedy?" or "Am I funny?" ... if you watch the DVD you'll definitely have a different respect level for me and and you'll see if I really to deserve to be where I'm at.

4. Numbers Don't Lie

I'm back on the scene hittin' em hard. The Mr. Showbiz DVD is the #1 standup special on Showtime in years and from that I'm out here on the road again and gettin' ready for my next special.


It's hilarious, and Dave Chappelle said it best, "Nick Cannon's hilarious". Alot of people didn't know that I've been doing stand-up comedy since the beginning of my career, it's what I've been doing for the longest.

You Decide. Will you buy Mr. Showbiz?

To purchase the new DVD, just click here.

Check out this clip from Nick Cannon's comedy DVD below:


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