Nas, Questlove, DJ Premier & Others Shed a Tear for Heavy D: What MC's Death Touched You The Most? [Click Here & Speak]

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SOHH Whatcha Think: Nas, Questlove, DJ Premier & Others Shed a Tear for Heavy D: What MC's Death Touched You The Most? [Click Here & Speak]

Wednesday, Nov 9, 2011 12:30AM

Written by J. Bachelor

First off, R.I.P. to Heavy D. The overweight lover was one of those cats who made it a bit easier for the bigger brother's to get out there and be cool. Although he was rarely listed on anyone's Top 5 Dead or Alive list, when you open the rap books, best believe there's a spot in there for this cat.

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Music a really personal thing: You kind of connect with these artists, and even though you don't know them personally, you get a look into their world through their art. This doesn't just go for fans, as several rap figures took to Twitter to share their grief at the loss of the Heavy One.

I cannot believe what I'm hearing about HEAVY D just Died! (DJ Premier's Twitter)
Please someone tell me this Heavy D jawn is a joke. PLEASE.(Questlove's Twitter)

These are just a few of the big names of the game spreading love to Heavy D, as Lupe Fiasco, Rev. Run, DJ Drama and a gang of others paid their e-respects to the late rapper.

Heavy was all about having fun, checkin' for the ladies and feeling good. It's crazy because he recently performed at the BET Awards and even tweeted a "Rest in Peace" salute to Joe Frazier on Monday. So the fact that he's gone, seemingly out of nowhere is a shock to the Hip Hop community as a whole.

Our question to you today is this: What MC's death hit home the most for you?

As a tribute to Heavy D, check out one of his biggest hit songs below:


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