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The Score: Mac Miller, "Blue Slide Park"

Tuesday, Nov 8, 2011 11:00AM

Written by J. Bachelor

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  • Blue Slide Park
  • Mac Miller
  • November 8, 2011
411 Mania 6/10
This Beat Goes 2/5
The Wacky Delly 3.6/5
The Daily Jet 3.75/5
DJ Booth 4/5

Pittsburgh rapper Mac Miller looks to make his prescence felt in the rap world as his debut album, Blue Slide Park, rolls into stores today.

With Blue Slide Park, Miller looks to capture the freedom, fun and folly of a misspent youth.

So as the fourth quarter rolls along so do the album releases. The latest is from mac Miller the latest in a series of white rappers soon to be hitting the shelves and the most laid back of them. With the album, Mac is out to have more success than the similar Asher Roth who also just talks about partying and drinking and getting high. (Yet Another Hip Hop Blog)

In a bold step away from the modern rap album formula, Miller's debut contains no guest appearances.

The variety of songs he has is perfect. From "My Team" to the very poppy, yet addictive, "Up All Night," Mac flourishes throughout the whole album. No features on it is awesome because I hate artists who stack up their albums with features. That's like asking for someone else to outshine you on your own song.(Sunset in the Rearview)

The album's production relies heavily on samples courtesy of I.D. Labs.

Production wise, the album is far less offensive, and even has a few highlights. "Party on Fifth Ave" uses a sample heavy formula and ends up delightfully old school, and "Under the Weather" brings a strange sixties feel that's pretty smooth. It does have one near unlistenable moment though, "Up All Night" sounds like some terrible late 90's alternative rock, with a slight hip-hop influence. For the sake of the review, I got all the way through it once, but felt awful about myself afterward. Musically this one is bearable. That still isn't a complement.(This Beat Goes)

In a past interview, Miller wondered if Blue Slide Park would be capable of moving a million units.

"Right now, we're doing things that no independent artist has ever done before," Miller shared. "It's wild that I even said that sentence but, I want to see how far we can take it, man. What if? What if we build it to a point where we sell a platinum record? Not this album, but what if one of my albums goes platinum independently? That would be ridiculous and I would be hella cakin' off of that (Laughs)." (Semtex TV)

While some critics feel Blue Slide Park is a noble debut from a young, fun-loving rap artist, others say Mac fails to prove his ability to keep the party going for an entire album.

Looking again at the debut, Mac Miller is offering the world his first album that -- after spending hours of listening and finding inspiration in the lyrics -- is truly great. Through reminiscing, teen empowerment and lessons of success, Miller has provided an album that isn't just a series of tracks, but a work of art.(The Cord)
While Mac Miller is young, his debut album is disappointing and does not live up tot he hype that he has been given over the last year or so. Surprisingly the album is not all about teenage parting, and tries to be more serious. The album would have been much better had Miller stuck to what he does best, and that is create party tracks and having fun with his music. It is almost as if he was trying too hard to show that he has multiple aspects. The end result is somewhat of a mess of an album that has decent production but is limited by Millers lyrical ability.(411 Mania)

To purchase Blue Slide Park click here.

Preview the album below:


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