Singled Out: "This Is One Of The Beats [Ski Beatz] Was Making On The Spot"

Tuesday, Nov 29, 2011 12:05AM

Written by SOHH for Locksmith

[SOHH highlights a hot single each week and offers a unique look at the record. After Rich Hil hashed up the inspiration behind "Light Up," West Coast rapper Locksmith gets down to the "Bottom" of things.]

The song I want to focus on for Singled Out is called "The Bottom." Of course this is a record that Ski Beatz produced. We were in the studio in downtown Manhattan and there was a track where he had a little bit of a baseline going.

We were just vibing in the studio. When I first got out there to New York, Ski would have beats and they would be all ready to go. So I would be like, "Yo, let me get those beats." But as we started connecting more, creatively, and we started getting a feel for one another from a musical standpoint, he started making beats on the spot.

So this is one of those beats he was actually making on the spot. He would be making the beat and I would be writing. A lot of the times I would be fast because I'm hungry. I'd be like, "Yo, I got a verse" and he'd say, "You're already done!? Well, lay the verse."

And so there was a young lady who was in the studio at the time. She was actually one of the people that was video taping the session, catching footage of me recording and Ski making the beat. She was kind of humming the melody and I was like, "Yo, that melody kind of sounds nice," and so we ended up putting it in the song without the words, just the melody.

It kind of sounded opera 'ish. So we ended up putting it on the track and I kind of built my verses around the feel of the way the track and the singing went. It's one of the more introspective and personal records on my Embedded album.

I'm talking about my childhood, a little bit about my neighborhood and where I came from. I'm also talking about how I've been able to exist today and go through all of the things I went through and my family's been through and still be here today.

It's one of the personal songs that's describing where I came from and who I am. That's "The Bottom."

Locksmith is most known for his days as a battle rapper. Hailing from the West Coast, Ski has since developed a close bond with renowned producer Ski Beatz and dropped numerous notable records like 2009's "Rare Form" and "Man Up" shortly after. In November 2011, Locksmith finally released his long-awaited Embedded album.

Check out "The Bottom" below:

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