"It's Definitely A Change-Up & Something Different For Young Jeezy"

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Singled Out: "It's Definitely A Change-Up & Something Different For Young Jeezy"

Tuesday, Nov 1, 2011 5:15PM

Written by J. Bachelor for Freddie Gibbs

[SOHH highlights a hot single each week and offers a unique look at the song. After new G-Unit signee Genasis breaks down his single "Jackie Chain", CTE spitter Freddie Gibbs explains why he and Jeezy decided to clique up for the track "2's & Fews".]

I thrive on being an artist that has the ability to do things in rap that we ain't seen in a long time. One minute you might see me doing a record with Dom Kennedy then [I] turn around and do a record with Young Jeezy. You know what I mean? I can fill different positions in the game and still be effective.

I think that's my strong point.

The track with me and Jeezy off my mixtape A Cold Day in Hell is called "2's and Fews" and it's dope. It's produced by this dope producer named SC, y'all look out for him. He got some heat.

It's a hard record ... this is a track that people are gonna definitely embrace. It's definitely a change-up and something different for Jeezy ... it's gonna kind of remind you of ... well, I ain't gonna tell you what it's gonna remind you of, but people are gonna f*ck with it.

I wanted to do something fresh with this record: We do alotta tracks with those hard-hittin' type beats and I wanted to come with a different kind of record from what people were used to hearing from us. SC passed me the track, I did my thing and it came out dope.

Check out Gibbs featuring Jeezy with "2's and Fews":


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